Anything you say in a football stadium can be held against you.

"I’m really sorry for this terrible arbitration. ”  » Clubs, via the LFP, accept the intrusion of Canal +, which turns away from the field to highlight the scenes and the polemics. The common interest is to promote the League 1 product, and so worse if the image of some actors must suffer sometimes. It’s part of the show. These images, most of the time, only light nothing what happen on the lawn, but they humanize the actors from a more remote sport those that do live. The players, often filmed off face and the Beats headset turned on, reappear as those they are great kids. "We would be delighted that everyone knows how goes a half, what we do, if we drink, if one speaks, if we are excited,. If there’s a problem, we also know that you can shadow it.  "Since then, Didier Deschamps and others systematically put their hand to mouth and dialogues in a locker room are no longer considered by the CSA as private. . You should check the following url to discover extra about this great subject.

Brazil in a runoff between Rousseff and Neves the real challenge is to strengthen social welfare.

The Amazon, the economic crisis, corruption. Eternal themes in Brazil. The debate between Dilma Rousseff and Aecio Neves, ahead of presidential elections on Sunday, is focused on these issues. It seems a déjà vu, the same issues discussed for many decades. Invece no. The Brazil is another country and Brazilians, according to most observers, have acquired new awareness. «Not only goods but social services ", is the slogan of the demonstrators in the square in the months before the World Cup. And this is the challenge for the new Government. The Brazilians, over the past 15 years, have become richer in some cases, in many other less poor. I’m almost 40 million poor people "become" middle class. That now ironically asks for more. Former President Lula gave a new shape to the country. Access to consumption goods has improved the lives of large masses, in a country of 200milioni inhabitants. But only one, a Health and Welfare better school may permit a substantial improvement of the quality of life. Rousseff and Neves (49% respectively and at 51% in voting intentions) are fighting in the arena in recent television to tv, with particular vehemence. Neves has even filed an emergency appeal to the courts to demand the immediate withdrawal of a President’s election rival to Rousseff, runoff. Neves is believed defamed by an election of 30 seconds message broadcast by national tv where the President says that his rival has trouble meeting women». In the exchange of accusations between the candidates, Neves has focused on corruption and the scandal involving Petrobras, the Brazilian energy giant. Corruption Rousseff admitted the existence of slush funds of Petrobras that would have been paid bribes to politicians of different parties. "I asked the Supreme Federal Court to know the documents of the investigation but they told me they are still classified as secret. However, I will do everything possible to compensate the country. If there was a diversion of public money, we want it back, "replied Rousseff. The corruption scandal of Petrobras was the workhorse of Neves to attack the President during the election campaign. Amazon green lung, threatened. Deforestation in the Amazon, another chapter is always open, is likely to provoke more controversy between the two parties, the Pt (Workers Party) which supports Rousseff and the Psdb (Social Democratic Party) which supports Neves. In September, according to satellite data provided by the non-profit organization, Imazon, were burned to the ground well 402 square kilometres of forest, 290% higher compared to the same month in 2013, to allocate the land for other use. From August to September the square kilometers lost were 838, amounting to an increase of 191 percent on an annual basis. Other registered by the report is that of degraded forests, IE very exploited by logging or arse. The past 50 years, as repeatedly denounced by the Wwf and other environmental organisations, the forest has lost a fifth of its surface. . For extra data on this matter visit link.

Association cockpit: what the pilots really his wish to go on strike.

Since Monday, 13: 00, and until Tuesday evening two-thirds of all more than 2000 scheduled Lufthansa flights are expected, more than 166 000 passengers to change their travel plans. In Frankfurt, as well as any long-haul and only relatively few European flights will start on Tuesday, about half of all connections is affected in Munich. The second Lufthansa hub is therefore not so much affected, because many connections in the order fly there daughters such as Air Dolomiti and Lufthansa CityLine. Also, Germanwings, Austrian, and Swiss are not picketing. Also the latest walkout is likely to bring further no movement in the failing situation, because neither side wants to move away from their position. Officially, it concerns the transition supply of pilots who were allowed to go yet richly covered with 55 in pension in addressing. Lufthansa has cancelled the relevant collective agreement and intends to increase in stages and over several years the earliest retirement age. However, the deadlines are so generous that no today busy pilot must actually reach the future age 60. The average Lufthansa pilots today with nearly 59 years to fly, the competition allowed their crews usually only to go with 60 to retire. But the conflict over the early retirement is only fed, the VC uses him as the official reason of the strike. Truth is about saving and rebuilding plans, presented in July CEO Carsten Spohr and taking shape slowly. Spohr wants to establish new offshoot for cheap flights that reach on short-haul routes but also on intercontinental flights with reasonable customer segments that can currently use Lufthansa does not cost. The new offshoot, summarized in the new concept of the wings, to fly to 20 to 40 percent lower costs. But also in the core business, the company calls concessions for a portion of long-haul jets. . You can visit the following site to read extra regarding this amazing topic.

Death penalty: China set to 2400 people last year.

Berlin/Beijing/San Francis – the number of executions in China has fallen in the last year according to estimates to 2400. The reported on Tuesday the the United States-based Dui Hua Foundation, which has good relations with Chinese judicial circles. The steady decline observed for years may however come to an end this year because of the increased imposition of the death penalty in the anti-terrorist campaign in the unrest Northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang, is the Foundation, which advocates political prisoners and legal reform in China. In their estimation, the DUI Hua Foundation relies on published statements of high judicial officers or proprietary information. The record was therefore 1983 24 000 executions. in 2002, there were still 12 000. Since 2007 all death sentences must be reviewed again by the Supreme Court in Beijing, which has led to the sharp decline in the numbers. 2013 even 39 percent of death sentences should have been returned to the lower courts in the provinces to the taking of further evidence. . Root data could be found reading this

Isis, Germany: dismantled terrorist cell that sent money and clothes.

"The tailor", the codename used by investigators, a 31 year old Lebanese whose name would be Kassem R. The man was awakened at his home in a suburb of Bonn by anti-terrorism agents who have blown up with explosives to the front door of his apartment. In the same minute at home were arrested other people who consider themselves related to the Islamic terrorist organization. Computers, mobile phones and documents were seized by agents that have stoked terrorists Isis of combat suits, of 7. 500 pairs of boots, 6. 000 100 jackets military shirts, all for a total value of 115mila euros. The material would be produced in a secret facility in Germany. The cell dismantled by 15 people. All under interrogation. Among their Kamel Ben Yahia s., 38 years and Tunisian Yusup g., 28, a Russian, are accused of having sent clothes and money at Isis. The German authorities are convinced that German citizens enrolled terrorist militias committed on the battlefield are about 400, and that they are helped and supported by several countrymen committed in Germany. . Main data could be studied clicking this weblink.

Artificial heart: Carmat plans 20 new transplants.

Carmat is projected into a new phase of development of its c? artificial heart, which could pass through a score of grafts additional ongoing trials are conclusive, said Tuesday the Group on the occasion of the publication of its half-year results. This second phase of the development of the c? ur artificial Carmat should, however, take six months late compared with the timetable initially envisaged by the company. Carmat is currently engaged in a so-called feasibility phase involving the transplantation of its c? ur artificial on four patients with Terminal heart failure. An initial prosthodontic appliance had been implemented on 18 December in Paris. The patient had died of 74 days later, while the original objective of the operation was to enable a survival at 30 days. A second patient was the subject of a transplant on August 5 at the Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) of Nantes. Carmat release gives no indication about his current state of health. The last two patients to make the object of a transplant are being recruitment, according to the group. If the results of these four operations were to be considered satisfactory, Carmat may propose to the authorities, in France and in other countries, the Protocol of a new study extended to twenty patients with longer term as, for example, 180 days, announced the group. In the absence of virtually any recipe, Carmat also widened its losses in the first half, since they reached EUR 9.9 million over those six months, against 4.9 million last year at the same time, says its release. The Group has indeed invested heavily to develop equipment that will allow transplant patients to return home, he said. At this pace, Carmat will be consumed its cash flow by the end of the year, insofar as it had more than 6.3 million euros in cash at the end of September. To continue to stay afloat, Carmat table on a payment of 7.2 million euros of public bank Bpifrance, it will affect if current studies prove positive. . You must check the following to discover extra about this great subject.

Presidency of the IDU: Fromantin will vote for Morin.

Jean-Christophe Fromantin will vote for Hervé Morin in the second round of the election for the Presidency of the UDI, he announced Monday night in a statement after meeting with the two candidates still in the running. Given d? a greater proximity on the orientations that I am defending and values that I wear, j? decided to vote for Hervé Morin (?) During our exchanges, I recalled that my commitment to l?IDU remained conditioned to what we were proposing, in the perspective of 2017, a bold project and a real revival for the France, said member of Parliament for the Hauts-de-Seine. And to say that it will be alongside his colleague of Eure within days to come to convince voters in this new approach to l?IDU. Jean-Christophe Fromantin, which received 11.1% of the vote in the first round of the election (1. 814 votes), stressed the four directions that had underpinned his own candidacy for the Presidency of the party. In addition to the desire to reform l? organization of political parties to rebuild a relationship of trust with the civil society, a strong attachment to ethics and values such as those he has defended against the Taubira on marriage for all Act, this French elected spoke of a political project innovative around the territories as a base d? a model d? Organizationcompanies, starting d? a new perspective economic, and l?Europe as the interface with globalization, another crucial element in his eyes, recalled in his statement: the need for l?IDU to a project and presidential ambition. . For more data on this subject read source.

C1: PSG must take the Apoel Nicosia with a lot of serious, says white.

The coach of PSG Laurent Blanc has assured take APOEL Nicosia very seriously and explained that Paris will be the game against a team folded and dangerous in counterattack, Tuesday in the champions League Q: A what you expect against Apoel, which has everything from a match trap?A: it is a club accustomed to European games, with players who have already gone through the Championship of France as Carlão (Editor’s notes, six seasons at Sochaux) or other European Championships. During their two C1 matches this season, including at home against Ajax (1-1), I saw a team to take very seriously. If we are not to the best of our motivation, we have enormous difficulties. We need to be also determined that in Amsterdam (1-1) and against Barcelona (3-2). Will Q: how the MTP approaching debates?A: we try to impose our game. In the Championship (from Cyprus), Apoel dominates so that they have the monopoly of the ball but in the champions League it is the reverse. This is a team that defends very well, with two closely spaced lines of four players and it doesn’t bother them to defend down. Can expect to have possession of the ball. These are very disciplined and very brave players who do extraordinary physical work. 30% of the time when they have the ball, they arrive to put you in difficulty and are very dangerous in counterattack. Q: what brings you the return from injury of Thiago Silva?A: it is all merely a player of great quality and more is our captain, so it has some significance for the Group on the field and off. It will bring us his great individual qualities, because is a great player, and insurance, even if it is never easy for a player to come back after two months of absence. More ago great players in a team, the better it is. Take the risk (to play), we have a very important game, it’s the champions League and always win these matches there, there was that six, in the League there are some more. I in know certainly many more on the physical condition of the players after practice (Monday) and I will put on the field the best team which I think I can have. Q: do you feel that your group is more receptive before a meeting of League of champions as a championship match?A: but this is not specific to football players! Even you, the journalists, you are certainly more motivated and more professional when you do an interview with a very important person for a lambda person. When I said that the players were more motivated in the champions League, it is because it is a major objective of the club and that he has a lot of pressure in this competition. This does not mean that it has no motivation in the League but unconsciously, there is a greater concentration of C1. It is only those who have not played in the champions League who are unable to understand it. This famous music, when you hear it, it gives you something (sic),. Collected comments at press conference. . Similar info can be found reading home page.

Mysterious underwater object in front of Stockholm: as before.

Stockholm – what’s happening just in the Baltic Sea off the Swedish coast? Even the official version reads somewhat spectacular. The Swedish military speaks of mysterious underwater operations that it has observed off the coast of Stockholm. Swedish media are already one step further: you speculating for days a Russian submarine could have been in distress. The Swedish radio monitoring should have caught last week an emergency call in Russian language. Shortly thereafter a submarine had been sighted in the busy Bay Honningsvag, the Svenska Dagbladet reported. The Kremlin is increasingly in need of explanation – but only once would off. There were and are no emergency with a Russian submarine, the Russian Defense Ministry said at the weekend in a limited release. The matching counter theory comes with same. It was probably a Dutch submarine, the State News Agency Interfax quoted an employee of the Russian Defense Ministry. The Dutch military has immediately denied the accusations from Moscow. The incident comes at a diplomatically sensitive time. As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, the relationship of between the two countries has already cooled down. We are currently seeing, that Russia’s action confirms the fears and exceeds, we had a few months ago the Swedish Government criticized the situation in the Eastern Ukraine. In September, two Russian fighter jets briefly invaded in Swedish airspace. It is unclear what was behind the action. Swedish military experts suspect that Russia wanted to test the preparedness of their country. Meanwhile, the search goes on after further evidence in the Baltic Sea. On Monday, the military reported that they now focus on the island NÃ¥ttarö in the southern archipelago of Stockholm. Civilian boats were encouraged to keep a distance of 10 km. The area has been blocked also for aviation, several media reported. The massive military action has been initiated certainly on pressure of politics. Because in the Government looking at the mysterious activities in Stockholm with increasing concern – and now urges a quick reconnaissance. On Monday, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström spoke of a huge threat in the Baltic Sea. . Original data could be read clicking the following article.

Frigid Barjot left his Parisian social housing.

More than 120 members of Parliament, including UMP Hervé Mariton and Jean-Frédéric Poisson, co-sign a tribune in Liberation. This text upsets in depth our society [,.] For all these reasons, we call a public debate and a referendum around future Bill. A replay: Gay marriage, impossible referendum by Guy Carcassonne the Government announced a family Bill carried by Dominique Bertinotti for the spring in which the LDCs will be integrated. A way to calm the game on Bill on marriage for all, more in more contested. Replay: The PS and the Government are agreed on the many LDCs that philosophically totally hostile to the adoption by gay couples and medically assisted procreation, the former Prime Minister to loosen from Jean-François Copé and refuses to manifest. His relatives, Laurent Wauquiez and Valérie Pécresse, go through them. The Academy of moral and political sciences throws a keypad in the mare in opposing the Bill which led to deny the biological difference between the sexes for substitute a right to sexual orientation of each. A replay: ASMP said no and why standoff between the Prefecture of police and gay anti-marriage wishing to demonstrate on Champs-Elysees. Too sensitive, ensures the PP which offers alternative routes. MEPs taking charge and accuse the Government of wanting to silence the opposition. A review: Manifest on fields, a Republican tradition? For extra data on this subject check hyperlink.