Meier’s Medienblog: The extremely cautious attack of Netflix.

Sits a dozen people in an Office in Amsterdam and is planning the conquest of European television. Just were at the European headquarters of Netflix in Amsterdam a few rooms in addition gemalert and fresh desks carried in, so a few additional employees will come – but A lot more than thirty will not it also by 2015 likely. It takes no great team, not glitzy headquarters and also no native Chief, if one in this country wants–fear the big networks and not only in Germany, but also in France, Austria, Belgium and other countries. The US video stream service want exactly that, scare RTL and co., when he prepared his Germany start in September and as the coronation on 16 September, leaving at least the experiences in America expect a big party in Berlin: there the Couchpotatoes take off for three years their expensive cable television outlets, instead for $7.99 (8.99 for new customers) on so many films, Television series, to be able to access documentation, can look like no one in his life. It is also the promise from Netflix that the so-called linear television, where programs have fixed transmission times will be replaced by an offer where everything always is. Expectations dampen what’s going on in the Amsterdam Office, you do not know because the Netflix people currently let anyone – knowing only whispered by occupants of the rooms is also the thing with the fresh paint and new desks. Because Netflix they operate at now that what they call themselves as beautiful "Expectation management": you have fear of the oversized hopes, which have caught them in some places. One may not expect please in Germany, the television heaven on earth comes down when Netflix starts. People, just does not believe, that as an "all-you-can-eat" buffet provided so enormously that the tables turn to for the in Germany planned monthly price of 7.99 euros, one month free, anytime! This is the message now. Strange: Normally new provider talk about expectations at their home in the immense. At Netflix, they now To try again to get back from the immense expectations. Tell us what we all should expect: A Spotify for television, a service so, which pay against once admission provides access to everything. Instead, we should expect: A provider of many, but one that has a few special programs in petto, and perhaps by his legendary algorithm knows exactly what we To want to see. Despite all assurances, it is indeed true: Netflix has begun to change television. The U.S. carrier is largely responsible, that "binge viewing" has become TV series in one piece so be looked away. And he has even further the principle, to permanent watch in the network was not only archive series, but began specifically to produce series – starting with "House of Cards". The estimated 100 million dollars, which gave out Netflix for the two first seasons of the political series with Kevin Spacey, might have expected long is that "House of Cards" has shaped the image of Netflix-international and the brand made the U.S. company worldwide. Although the bulk of the offering by Netflix archival material remains. Netflix has can win at least a few exclusive fabrics for the German market: the series "Fargo", which sees itself as a continuation of the film, the Coen brothers, the horror series "From Dusk Til Dawn", which also refers to a film material or the Teenieserie of "Pretty Little Liars". To Netflix-US productions like "Orange is the New Black", "Hamlock Grove", new episodes of the sitcom "BoJack Horseman" and others come as the "Marco Polo" history series. But not Netflix had already sold the premieres of "House of cards", the series on Sky. 100 000 euro and more To give Netflix and the entire series competitors such as Amazon per episode according to rights dealers for the exclusive premiere rights of a large US series, can go there easily in the millions. No wonder that rightsholders rub the hands and Sky must tremble, that program costs are rising. And it highlights a series Germany related at Netflix that partially 2015 online wants to twisted series "Sense 8", in which the German actor Max Riemelt landed a supporting role and the Netflix by Tom Tykwer in Berlin. From the outset Netflix had to recognize also the ambitions to produce German without any concrete that has become a German series. Such a project would be 15 million euros However unlike can barely count in the American market for A lot of smaller German audiences, even if it would not 100 million dollars for "House of cards" but maybe. Not for nothing the great advertising-financed radio station RTL and Pro have retreated 7 and sat 1 largely from the production of quality television. Actually, Netflix has the plan to offer German program at least 20 percent, but the search then proved difficult. So the people responsible for the ARD on granite have bitten, as they tried to secure the rights to the "crime scene" follow up. Since the end of last year, the Netflix buyers in Germany are on the road, to the Berlinale you circulated by producer meetings and policy (also a lunch with Monika Grütters Minister of culture was on the program). Finally the entire management hired CEO Reed Hastings is including the end of April, beginning of may a week to the "management retreat" in the noble Hôtel de Rome in Berlin a, to breathe the air of the city, to make it less hard by market analysts as a participant tells. The small office in the Dutch capital shall provide for the organisation of the start but. . You can visit this to discover more on this great subject.

By arrogance and word breaking: Train drivers strike? Then with remote bus!.

In the deadlocked wage dispute between the train driver’s Union GDL and Deutsche Bahn the conflict parties have taken Each other blaming the cancellations. The Union had announced plans to To want make freight transport, with warning on Monday night then, long-distance and urban transport in affected had been moved but, was at the railway. In a release, the company of the driver representation accused word break down the line. The GDL is not reliable. Remote bus lines, meanwhile, greatly benefit from the uncertainty. The traffic at the railway had normalized again largely in the morning after the driver warning. On Monday, tens of thousands of commuters and long-distance travellers, as well as the freight transport throughout Germany from the three-hour strike had been affected. In the stations of Hamburg and Hanover, all train traffic temporarily came to a halt. Weselsky did not rule out further strike action, but no decision was taken about the time, he said the WDR. In a next step, the Union also via longer-term work stoppages will vote. But the DB has the key in your hand and can make substantial offers every day so Weselsky. In addition, the Union had announced not parallel with the train drivers to strike. Last Friday, there had been work stoppages at the Lufthansa subsidiary of Germanwings. The Union wants to prevent major cuts in the retirement for the approximately 5400 captains and co-pilots in the dispute. . You can read the following to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

Ambrosetti Forum, Casaleggio among participants. There are also Salvini, Alfano and Prodi.

Matteo Renzi Government almost at full strength, but also Gianroberto Casaleggio (who returns for the second year) and Matteo Salvini.  International politicians, then by European Commission Vice-President Joaquín Almunia to German Minister Jorg Asmussen. It is the program of the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, which will be held from 5 to 7 September to Cernobbio near Como.  Now event arrived at the 40th edition, brings together heads of State each year, teachers and political leaders from around the world. As we keep pointing out the "The European House-Ambrosetti" this is the "first Italian Think Tank, the European quarter and sixteenth in the world, in the 2014 Edition of Global To Go Think Tanks at the University of Pennsylvania Report". We talk about the economy and finances, but also of innovation and solutions to the crisis. And the list of participants is once again very long: there are Government Ministers Renzi (among others Angelino Alfano, Maria Elena Woods, Stefania Giannini and Federica Guidi). Then Enrico Letta, Corrado Passera and Mario Monti. John McKain, Shimon Peres and Jean-Claude Trichet. And Sergio Romano and Gianfranco Ravasi.   The last edition had done discuss especially the activists of the movement 5 stars. The intervention of Casaleggio in 2013 was done behind closed doors after asking photographers to get out. A participation which had aroused some doubts that in the days following the blog of Beppe Grillo had released his full speech to turn the controversy and ensure "maximum transparency". The report concerned in that case the relationship between the internet and politics: "revolutions in communications", we read in the text, "have always been at the center of the changes of the social organizations, the Internet is no exception, with global access of citizens to information. But the Internet isn’t just a supermedia intended to absorb everyone else, but above all is a process of transformation of society. This posting will give indications to understand how and why the Internet is influencing politics and will change in the near future ". . You should read this to read more on this amazing topic.

PSG. Al-Khelaifi: “financial fair play is not fair.”

In the wake of the closing of the transfer market Monday, Nasser al-Khelaifi received Le Parisien – today in France at the Parc des Princes to a point on the topicality of his club, and in particular the financial fair play and its consequences on the Parisian mercato. "I do not know if Michel Platini wants to kill the french football but the financial fair play is not fair. It is even difficult to understand. The big clubs remain large and small remain small. We respect these rules, but we wish to discuss with UEFA in October to try to change the rules a bit. Otherwise, investors will more come in football. They will go into other sports such as formula 1. "The president of PSG confirmed that Di Maria wanted to come to Paris but that the claims of Real Madrid were too high. "Even without the financial fair play, he have not recruited.". For extra data regarding this matter visit resource.

Genoa: clashes between militant Pd No Tav and the party of unity.

The clash between a group of No Tav and some militants of the Democratic Party in yesterday evening at the Festival of Genoa. A fact No Tav group raided the stage where you had to hold a debate on infrastructures in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Genoa, Stefano Bernini, and the regional Minister for infrastructure, Raffaella Paita. The group then came into contact with the safety of the Democratic Party who tried to free up space and drive out the protesters. The antagonists have yelled slogans against the Tav, the Democratic Party and against the Turin Prosecutor Giancarlo Caselli and smeared with red paint the poster of the Festival with inscriptions such as "equal Pd fascism". The same group of No Tav has also exposed the banners with phrases such as "Third crossing and Pd, devastation and looting" and "you’re like the League." After a few moments of tension and scuffles finally the militants were driven away and the debate and could resume as expected. During the debate the provincial Secretary of the Pd Alessandro Terrile in reference to what happened said: "Here we accept all opinions but we cannot allow to be established through violence". "It’s something unacceptable, people who have built these feasts are the same who have beats for democracy" has instead emphasized the regional infrastructure Raffaella Paita in reference to accusations of fascism on the part of the antagonists, adding: "This is an extraordinary democratic force that it takes to circulate ideas, even those at odds with their own. For this it was a serious gesture, an insult to those who work for the right to democracy. We witnessed a bad page, something unacceptable. " . Similar data can be found reading reference.

Mickey Rourke: neon-look for the gym, dieting for his next role.

(:: Play4movie)-from his eccentric look to recent flowing foliage, it is clear that not like go unnoticed, not even at the gym. The former boxer was photographed in West Hollywood after a training session at Equinox Gym in West Hollywood in a pair of skin-tight phosphorescent green sweatpants. The 61enne, engaged to Russian model, over the past three months has managed to lose 15 kg, to interpret his next role, that of Rugby League and in 2009 he declared his homosexuality. "The day I met Gareth Thomas, the man with this secret, this terrible shame, I said to myself that I too have spent difficult moments. Just like him ". Explained Rouke, who also wrote the screenplay of the film entitled The Welshman, "I was very nervous to ask him to read it, because it is the story of his life, and because many wanted to tell the story of his life". Waiting to begin filming for The Welshman, the actor will be a short promotional tour in the sequel to Sin City, where she plays the role of Marv. The cast of the film, in theaters on August 22 we find too.   . For extra facts regarding this topic check

Sport and education in France and the United Kingdom: what legacy for children?

As often when you go in the – difficult – exercise of comparison, there were part and other strengths and weaknesses. Comparative study of programs of physical education and sports (EPS) in France and the United Kingdom does not escape this rule. If you look for example the hours devoted to the EPS, we see that in France students at least practice 3 or 4 hours of EPS every week, and even in high school. These figures are close to those observed in the United Kingdom during education compulsory (2 hours per week), except in high school (‘Year 12"and"Year 13"), where the EPS is no longer required and where these rates fall so drastically. Conversely, according to a study in which Sport and citizenship has participated in 2008, the percentage of students in French universities which practise a sport at least once a week is 20%, compared with 60% in the United Kingdom. These situations will cause disturbing and little-known consequences. Indeed, this public, already extremely vulnerable, is more exposed to health risks due to a larger than average physical inactivity. According to the latest Eurobarometer survey on Sport and physical activity in the EU, 64% of school dropouts do never practice a sporting activity, and 24% of them are even regarded as ‘dormant’, which means that their physical activity (walking, cycling, etc) is close to zero. The study thus notes the strong link that exists between the level of education and the amount of physical exercise performed by individuals. Early school leaving would thus be doubly dangerous. To meet this challenge, the french and British Governments have recently published reports and adapted their curriculum. In France, the Ministry of National Education has developed an action plan and announced the goal of back to school 25. 000 dropouts in 2014. In the United Kingdom, the Department of Education announced a radical strategy to bring the young NEET to school. However, when one reads these reports and asked the means used to combat dropping out of school, there is the blatant absence of sport as a means to motivate, coordinate and facilitate the accession of the young. The approach seems to be exclusively preventive, with more intensive instruction in the classroom. But what good increase measures at school, if the student is already out of the establishment? It is here that the sport can play a role. Take the example of association Football Beyond Borders (FBB) in the United Kingdom. We spoke with Jasper Kain, his Chief of operations, who explained us the activities of his organization in the southern districts of London. "We are working with students from 11 to 14 years who have difficulties in the classroom, and who are not good grades. We are a club of homework with them. Football is an excellent tool to remove the barriers and build relationships, and it provides a good framework in which they can achieve their goals", he explains. Jasper and his colleagues are not only present in the sporting life of young people, but they also embark to the academic side of their development by using values that are naturally present in football. They make a maximum effort to overcome deeply entrenched social problems. As such, they deserve the support of the Government, which is not the case. Yet, is it not a point which deserves to benefit from the ‘legacy’ wanted by the London Games? This word was synonymous with hopes for the future of the sport in the United Kingdom at the Olympic Games and London 2012. In reading the report of the House of Lords published just after the event, there were good intentions, but the United Kingdom kept its promises? According to Jasper, the answer is no. The public sector is still far back from the private sector on these issues, and the situation has not changed since the games. Associative actors play a major role in the community, and this without the support promised by the State. In France, hard to tell if the situation is better. There is no network regulated as the Agency UK Sport, which promotes the support and financing of projects of education through sport within communities. The second chance schools, intended to combat dropping out of school, are just beginning to integrate sport in their practices, but collaboration between formal education and sports clubs is still insufficient. A situation confirmed by the report of the Foundation Eurydice on physical education and sport at school in Europe, identifying no clear national strategy of collaboration between clubs and the France ecolesen. . For more information on this subject visit web site.

‘I’m going to try to win back’.

Now s that you can say that I’m going to try to win back. Another thing is if I have the legs to do it. The trial of Borja to be a good test to see my condition n f music but not to draw conclusions, ensure the day of rest in Zaragoza. Accountant I insisted in that of what was at the end of station winter n of Valdelinares, with his attack that he could not realize haci staying with the Red Jersey of l der, one can not draw conclusions. So far its objective has been to go drinking days but needs to see my performance, I have not lost time and that gives me m s possibilities and have options, but have to see the evolution of form n every d a, is to the. Of his rivals, I insisted that both the brit nico Chris Froome (Sky) as the Colombian Nairo Quintana (Movistar) remain the Favorites without forgetting or Joaquin m (Purito Rodr guez) and Alejandro (Valverde). . You must check the following to read more on this interesting topic.

New pedestrian traffic lights: go green.

Many cars at a traffic light, waiting for it longer green get. Even no car there, it remains red and the cars on the intersecting road have longer free ride. Such traffic circuits are now widely used; their information is available about loops, which are laid in the road surface. In London, pedestrians will benefit by end of the month on a similar system. The traffic agency transport for London (TfL) starts at two busy parent because a pilot – capital of Britain is worldwide the first city where this technique is used. Also, you must consider how well get different long pedestrian green phase along with the green wave for cars, adds crack Nell. In London, car lights be switched so that they should create a good flow of traffic. It evaluates How many vehicles are in the streets. Now the system must take into account even data about pedestrian, he says. No pedestrian or motorist wait like red lights. Where in doubt, local politicians must decide Which one wishes the program should take in more important. . You should read this link to learn more about this great matter.

It kills to whacks Then drinking with friends.

After three days of closed investigations, the police of the host assured to justice the perpetrator of the murder of Romanian man, found dead in an abandoned farmhouse near the train station "Parco Leonardo" in Guarino Guarini to Fiumicino, on 28 August. This is a 41-year-old countrywoman already with precedents, which the police have notified a firm Decree, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Civitavecchia, and led it at the Regina Coeli prison. Since the start of the investigation, due to deep-rooted knowledge of the territory and later with some witnesses can report on the circumstances of the fact, the Carabinieri di Ostia had clearly the framework within which had led to the grave made of blood. The night between 27 and 28 August, the fumes of alcohol and some little word too had unleashed a violent quarrel between the victim and the murderer, inside the abandoned farmhouse where they had gathered several countrymen, near Parco Leonardo. The murderous, bigger than the Constitution and considered the leader for his violent past, has got the better of compatriot body raging for about an hour with the barrel and whacks until you reduce it lifeless. Instead of thinking of calling relief efforts, all those present have continued to drink until only one of them, in a moment of sobriety gave the alarm to the Police in your area. The arrival of the military in the country all had already slipped off into the night, including the murderous that only after thorough investigation and the outcome of targeted observational facilities, was tracked down in Rome, Sunday morning, and arrested by the police with his face still scarred by recent injuries. In Rome were traced his countrymen can report on the circumstances of the battle occurred on August 28 between him and the deceased, for drunkenness by both. . Similar information can be inspected reading url.