“Germany sucht den superstar” – fix! Heino is a juror in the casting show – Kay One goes.

It’s true! Schlager Bard Heino (75, "Young") is definitely in the 12th season of the RTL casting show "Germany sucht den superstar" in addition to Dieter Bohlen (60, "you can get it") take place on the jury panel. The station now confirmed in a press release. "I Look forward to my new job, American Idol ‘", the musicians there is quoted as saying. "I hope with on the way to be able To give them A lot of my experience," said Heino. The other places in the jury are yet unknown. The station wanted To give but promptly known the jurors. Kay One (28, "Keep Calm"), which was the last year in the boat, already announced his education via Facebook. "Something Very much nice is to help young musicians on their way into the music business, and I hope with on the way to be able To give them A lot of my experience," said Lai King Heino. Heino was always open-minded for new, RTL decision. The native Düsseldorf have adapted to more current musical trends and has thus become intergenerational cult figure. Who else inside the new "American Idol"-jury, will soon announce RTL. The Rapper Kay One had said the "image" newspaper, he is No more. In addition to planks and Kay One kitty cat (35) and pop legend Marianne Rosenberg (59) in the jury sat in the past "American Idol" Germany the singer. . You can check the following http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

Ukraine. Unarmed Europe.

And it is the EU in bankruptcy that will help the Ukraine, at least what is left? Because this country is viable only with the Donbass where resources are concentrated. But after taking a hammering by the supporters, the junta of Kiev will perhaps ask a rebate on the price of gas in Moscow. Who knows? Since this winter, it could get cold in the cottages in Galicia, and perhaps even more to the West if the EU adopts sanctions against the Russia. The answers are already ready: http://fr. ria. UK/world/20140819/202193151. HTML threats of a world which collapses can scare a world that progresses? Poroshenko may even more comfort these citizens with chocolates, he put up for sale its assets via the Rothschild Bank. For this winter, I encourage the people of Kiev to request the visit of BHL, it can make beautiful speeches with his friends in pravyi sector, this will give them the balm to the heart. . You can visit the following http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info to discover extra regarding this interesting subject.

Heterologous chaos “clear rules or will the wild west”.

For the regions ‘ will cost heterologous nontrivial». It is therefore essential that placed "in the Lea (the essential Levels of assistance) to be a right for all and not for those who already enjoy now."   But the President of Tuscany takes the point. "Many discussions and many problems on the part of those who for one reason or another doesn’t want you do raise Enrico Rossi heterologous-. The Council was clear: try to have a child is a straight couple’s intimate and unrelenting then, therefore, must be guaranteed to all in an equitable manner, with affordable and safety, there is no legal vacuum. " In Tuscany, the only region that has prepared protocols pending national ones, "we shall apply the heterologous judgments of the High Court: the rest are inane and often instrumental chatter», says Rossi.   On 3 September, the technical group of the regions will establish the criteria for donor selection: the minimum and maximum age. And shall provide for the establishment of a register of donors (even to secure a maximum number of donations) and ensure the traceability of the path from the donor to the recipient and vice versa, the gratuity of the donation, anonymity and informed consent, genetic-infectious examinations, as well as to determine how much to pay the ticket for performance.   . You must check the following http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

Foxlife female channel will replace fox crime in Spain.

Payment specialist police series FOX Crime TV channel will cease to broadcast in Spain and its frequency will occupy it from October FOXLife, whose grid will combine contents of fiction and non-fiction and will be directed mainly to the female audience. As reported by Fox International Channels (FIC) in a statement, series which so far could be seen in FOX Crime will be issued in the main channel of the group, FOX. FOXLife broadcast currently in 73 countries and the multinational FOX releases it in Spain to strengthen our brands and reorient our content into the future, at the time that we redefine genres for a new era", according to Adam Theiler, Executive Vice President of the group for the South of Europe and Africa"FOXLife is an essential element in our business strategy in the world and an absolute reference in all the markets where it is emitted. With these credentials, FOXLife demonstrates the commitment of the company in Spain, our confidence in responding to the challenges of a changing market and the objective of positioning FIC Spain as a key element in the television industry". As usual with all channels of FIC, FOXLife will adapt its programming according to the preferences of Spanish viewers, that will be noted in particular in local productions. The contents already confirmed for release, include the series "The Good Wife", "Scandal", "Revenge or"Anatomy of Grey,"Migrating from FOX to FOXLife; the presence of programs of non fiction premiere in Spain, including realities and music content, and the premiere of the first local production for FIC: series of non fiction "The best chefs of the world", the company’s production Spanish Minoria Absoluta exclusively for FIC on the great names of modern cuisine world, all of them are included in the first positions of the famous list drawn up by Restaurant magazine. Between its protagonists, Ferrán Adrià, Michel Guérard, Joan Roca, Andoni Aduriz, Juan Mari Arzak, Massimo Bottura, Gastón Acurio and José Andrés FIC is present in the Spanish market since 2001 with a package of channels led by FOX and National Geographic Channel, which during this time have joined Nat Geo Wild, FOX Crime and Baby TV, as well as the acquisition of travel. Following the change, the television of FIC in Spain offering will include two brands of differentiated entertainment (FOX, one hundred one hundred fiction and FOXLife, fiction and non-fiction); three-channel documentary (National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild and travel travel channel), and the children’s channel, Baby TV. All with its corresponding version in HD. . Inspirational data could be read reading the following http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info.

NATO accuses Russia of military intervention in the Ukraine.

You’ve found that large amounts of advanced weapons including air defence systems, tanks, and armored vehicles passed the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine, said a NATO General in the Belgian Mons. In the evening, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the European Union will discuss at the Summit in Brussels on Saturday further sanctions against Russia. We To want diplomatic solutions, we will not subside there also, Merkel said. But we must acknowledge that have things back more difficult in the last few days and worsened. Thursday evening, the UN Security Council wanted to deal with the escalating conflict in the Ukraine. The German stock market took greater losses after the news about the increased presence of Russian troops in the region of Donetsk. The euro also eased. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko was at the same time contradictory messages. Despite massive allegations from Kiev over a Russian military offensive in the East of Ukraine, representatives of the General staffs of Russia and the Ukraine would advise first. Poroshenko also instructed the border of his country, to organize joint patrols with Russian colleagues in the embattled East. This had been discussed with the Russian President Wladimir Putin at the recent meeting in Minsk. Poroshenko openly accused an intervention of Russian forces in the Ukraine to Moscow. The situation in the border area have extremely aggravated, said Poroshenko in Kiev. I canceled a visit to Turkey (,.) The place of the President is today in Kiev. Basically, the Ukrainian troops but had the situation under control. NATO published in Mons satellite images, which should prove their assessment. For weeks, the Ukraine accuses the neighbors to intervene militarily in the conflict. This was always been denied by Moscow. Russia is not interested a posting of troops, said the Russian OSCE Representative Andrej Kelin in Vienna. The separatists in the Eastern Ukraine accused disinformation to the Ukraine. In Kiev it is repeated with the invasion, to somehow explain the defeats of the Ukrainian army. Russian deputies criticized: we’ve heard several explanations of the Ukrainian leadership, which have proved to be lies. Now we are witnessing a new duck, said about Jewgeni Serebrennikow of the Federation Council in Moscow. Poroshenko, who is expected on Saturday on the outskirts of the EU Special Summit in Brussels, called for special sessions of the UN Security Council and the EU Council. The world must express fierce exacerbate the situation in the Ukraine. Foreign Minister Pawel Klimkin said the Bild-Zeitung (Friday), the situation has changed dramatically. Therefore, we expect further tightening of sanctions against Russia, as well as military and technical assistance from our European friends. . Inspirational data can be studied reading this http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info.

The Sopranos: David Chase lifts the veil on the end of the series.

In an interview published Wednesday "to the question"what is Tony died?", David Chase replied laconically: ‘no. ‘. No, he is not dead"" reported the Vox magazine. The answer immediately ignited the Web and social networks. However, David Chase agent later issued a denial: "a journalist from Vox wrongly interpreted what David Chase said in his interview. Simply report that David had said "Tony Soprano is not dead" is incorrect. "There is a broader context and bring it this way is not true. Meanwhile, Vox maintains its version and describes the response of Chase in detail and colour: "he shook his head, and he said ‘no, it is not (dead)’. And that was all. After six remarkable seasons, the series The Sopranos pulled his career with one of the most unusual and successful purposes. The final scene, nearly five minutes, had scored viewers from around the world: Tony waiting in a restaurant for family dinner. Mobster, always on guard, scrutinizes the comings and goings of other clients. Through a staging scholarly and controlled, the viewer suddenly finds himself plunged into the skin of Tony Soprano. He feels the visceral fear of the mafia boss in the analysis since the beginning of the series: his paranoia, his panic under-jacante to get off whenever a door opens. Suddenly, his gaze freezes and a black screen puts an end to his adventures. . You can read this http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info to discover extra on this interesting subject.

U.s. GDP accelerates to 4.2% in the second quarter.

NEW YORK–the u.s. economy has done even better estimates in the second quarter of the year, marching to the 4.2% instead of 4% as initially calculated. The performance ended with a sprint the fifth year since the shooting, an expansion that has repeatedly disappointed and remains weak but now was back on track after the 2.1 percent contraction suffered in the first three months of 2014. The 4.2% also beat the expectations of analysts, who on average had predicted a 3.8 percent. And contrasts sharply with the economy stalled again today in the eurozone. In the second quarter, in detail, the American Gdp was driven by an increase of 2.5% in consumer spending, which represents two-thirds of the economy and brought a dowry of 1.69 percentage points. Non-residential fixed investment soared 8.4 percent of more than 5.5 percent previously estimated. The balance of trade has subtracted 0.43 points to growth, less than estimated so far, thanks to an improvement in exports. Stocks contributors 1.39 points at the start of the Gdp instead of 1.66 points. . Main data may be found checking this link.

Syria, terrorists Is executed dozens of Syrian soldiers.

-Last night the State Islamic jihadists have executed dozens of Syrian soldiers fled the Tabqa air base, in northern Syria. The Branches reported Abdel Rahmanel, Director of the Syrian Observatory for human rights, while jihadist sources on twitter speak instead of 200 deaths. In recent days, started the U.s. reconnaissance flights to locate the bases Is in Syrian territory, an act that could lead to air raids against Sunni militias. Despite the opening of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to coordinate in the fight against terrorism, the United States refused any collaboration with the rais of Damascus. Concept reaffirmed today by French President Francois Hollande that Assad is not a partner in the fight against terrorism, but is in fact an ally of jihadists. Also concern the situation on the Golan Heights, on the border between Syria and Israel: yesterday the rebels-Antakya announced they have conquered the Quneitra border crossing. Today came the reaction of the Syrian army, which bombed during the night some conquered rebel positions near the Golan Heights controlled by Israel. After the announcement of the death of Douglas McCain, American Western McAuthur enlisted in the ranks of Sunni militias, now a second American citizen state Islamic fighter was killed in weekend fighting against other rebel groups in Syria. . Inspirational data may be found reading the following home page.

Emmanuel Macron favour a relaxation of the 35 hours.

This is an interview that today takes a whole different magnitude. Last Monday, Emmanuel Macron does not know yet that he will replace Arnaud Montebourg at the head of Bercylorsqu’ he responds to the journalist from the Point. On the eve of the composition of the new Government, the word of the future Minister for the economy, which prepares an entrepreneurial project, is still free. We could allow companies and branches, the majority, to derogate from the rules of time of work and remuneration agreements. It is already possible for firms in difficulty. Why not extend to all undertakings, provided that there is a majority agreement with employees?, he said. In other words, a relaxation of the 35 hours, identity measure from the left, regularly attacked by the right. For Emmanuel Macron, the measure would get out of this trap where the accumulation of the rights given to the workers turns into as many handicaps for those who do not work. And the MILF which is still little known to the public to add that this idea is nevertheless difficult to explain and to wear, especially when one is left. There where be Socialist was to extend the formal rights of the workers, reality invites us to reflect on the real rights of all, including and especially those who have no jobs. . For more facts regarding this subject read http://ecco.nitdesantallucia.info.

Not afraid of highs: Wall Street defended the level.

The alternatives in the financial markets further benefit the stock market. Because in the short term also hardly anything should change given the low interest rate environment, stock trader by Raymond James Doug Shapiro believes. So verharre the yield on ten-year Treasuries, close to the lows of June 2013. On the stock market, investors had to digest some business figures. Thanks to a droning demand in Asia as well as on the American continent Tiffany has more deserving of 16 percent in the second quarter than in the previous year. The jeweler screwed their own affiliated annual targets to up. The shares put on 0 9 percent. The textile retailer Express, investors celebrated a profits slump 59 per cent in the second period. The results exceeded the expectations of even lower which, moreover, the fashion group increased the Outlook. Especially the latter was well received, the rate jumped 12.7 per cent upwards. Analog devices in its fiscal third quarter but again more deserving, but higher costs as a result of the acquisition of Hittite microwave recorded. The shares of the semiconductor manufacturer eased 2.3 percent. The shares of Burger King gave way to the second day in a row, and by 2.1 per cent. On Monday, the stock exploded as the fast-food chain announced the relocation of the headquarters in the tax-efficient Canada in Vista. The company sees but now substantial criticism from US politicians. In addition, rating agencies criticize, with the acquisition of Tim Hortons would be a substantial debt to the company. Moody’s and Fitch King therefore lowered its Outlook for Burger ever to negative. The next month pending US IPO of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba casts its shadow. The IPO is a big deal for Wall Street, says Michael Purves, strategist at Weeden & co. Because many fund managers would have to sell technology stocks, to have funds for the new arrival. Even Yahoo, which holds a stake of 20 percent in Alibaba is the focus. For Yahoo shares, it went above one percent. It was also the strong quarterly figures, which presented Alibaba on Wednesday. . You must visit the following link to discover extra on this amazing subject.