Stevie Wonder is papa of a baby girl, her ninth child.

PEOPLE – It doesn’t have to worry about his offspring. Stevie Wonder, which celebrated its 64 years in 2014, warmly welcomed December 17, her ninth child, a little girl by the name of IFN. The toddler is the fruit of the love between the singer and his girlfriend Tomeeka Bracy, with whom he is in couple for only two years. NIA is not likely to get bored when we know that already has alongside her eight brothers and sisters, from different relationships of his dad. The interpreter of Superstition had announced the pregnancy of his wife on the set of the show by Whoopi Goldberg The View: the truth is that we are going to have a wonderful daughter, who was born in December and will be called Nia, which means the goal, he said. The name of this ninth child is strong in symbols. As explained the singer with US Weekly is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, an important African-American holiday which takes place during the week of December 26 to January 1 in the United States. "" "" "Read also:» Stevie Wonder boycott Florida after the acquittal of George Zimmerman» baby Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis was born» Natalia Vodianova breastfeeds her baby on Instagram» the original name of the baby Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes ‘ to follow the latest news live on the HuffPost, click iciRetrouvez articles in the HuffPost on our Facebook page. . Original source could be studied visiting this

The premier ready to challenge for the Election with a simple majority.

Absolutely not. I would consider a failure who do not elect the President of the Republic. So Matthew Renzi to which it was asked if would consider a failure the non-election of a new head of State with a qualified majority. The election comes on the first lap, the third or the seventh is not the point. Not if it arrives with a qualified majority or a simple majority. The Constitution says that there are majorities. It’s like a mayor: it is that if he wins in the first round or ballottagio, added the Prime Minister. All political forces, to Italy Force up to 5 Stars, Sel, Fdi, alloy, Centrists and of course the Pd that has so many delegates, they must make a real reflection on what serves to Italy for the next seven years, says Matteo Renzi in 105 Radio interview. I hope that the new President is elected with the highest number of votes. We’ll see if you can. I have many flaws, but I’m a free person: I can be wrong but I’m trying to restore hope and enthusiasm in Italy. He said the premier Matteo Renzi in an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo explaining not to be more than about from morning till night complains about things that should not be and does nothing to change. There are those who protest, I’ll try, he concludes. . You must read this to learn more regarding this great topic.

Airparif aggrieved by the region? The unlikely figure of Pécresse.

‘Airparif today, which does a remarkable job on the air pollution, it was divided by two its subsidies, it touches more than EUR 50 000.’Valérie Pécresse, Monday, on France BleuINTOX. Since the beginning of the consideration of the budget 2015 of the Ile-de-France region (which will be voted on this Friday evening), Valérie Pécresse, President of the UMP group, has embarked on an intense shelling – via Twitter – decisions of the region and its president PS Jean-Paul Huchon. Invited on France Blue Monday morning, she announced an alternative and denounced a number of grants passed by the regional Council. In its focus, inter alia, public aid to Airparif. While Pécresse proposes doubling investment by the agency responsible for the control of the air, she denounced the reduction by two grants from the region.  «Airparif today, which does a remarkable job on the air pollution, it was divided by two its subsidies, it touches more than EUR 50 000. And meanwhile, Green Lotus, which is an association for the promotion of democracy in Myanmar, chaired by a green regional councillor, Green Lotus receives EUR 60 000, 10 000 euros more than Airparif. I think that we don’t have the same priorities as the Ile-de-France region. Listen, approximately 14 minutes: an information it retwitte on its account on 15 December: rehab. The region confirms that a grant of EUR 60 000 has been passed for the French association GreenLotus during a Standing Committee of September 24, 2014. Actually based in Myanmar, the association (founded but more chaired by the EE-LV Jean-Marc Brûlé elected), works towards the promotion of democracy and sustainable development (what should reassure Pécresse, who insists on its ecological sensitivity) with the Burmese elite. The structure is also financially supported by other institutions, such as the National Assembly and the Senate. It is the first year that the Ile-de-France region decides to grant Green Lotus (as part of its "international solidarity" line). On the other hand, Pécresse is completely off the mark on subsidies to Airparif, whether on the amount that she cites (EUR 50 000) or changes (division two). Regional Council says that passed under the 2015 budget subsidies are "little or less" the same as the previous year: 620,000 euros in investment and 835,000 euros in operation against 620 00 and 848,000 euros in 2014 (496,000 and 865000 euros for 2013). Figures confirmed by Airparif, where it is really not what can match the EUR 50 000 afflicting Valérie Pécresse. On the night of Thursday, December 18, the regional Council has even voted in an amendment an additional allocation of EUR 30 000, which adds to the operating grants Airparif will receive in 2015. "We had lost 2% of operating in 2014 from 2013 grants, and so asked for next year an increase in subsidies to get back to the level of 2013" explain to the association, which found no fault with the funds allocated this year. Valérie Pécresse can therefore be reassured: no, subsidies to AirParif have not "decreased by half. They are stable, and this year they will be even increased, compared with 2014, EUR 17 000. Funny detail: two years in December 2012, Valérie Pécresse was indignant,. too high amount of the contribution of the region to satellites, such as Airparif organizations. Proposing even to merge environmental observatories: «is frankly impossible to delete some of these agencies or merge for example all environmental observatories. In times of crisis, the regional majority imposes increases of rates and taxes, I propose instead to make savings. ». Related data can be read clicking source.

Change the ineligibility of the FN of Hayange Mayor?

One year of ineligibility, it’s worth just to pronounce the Administrative Court in Strasbourg against Fabien Engelmann, in accordance with the conclusions of the public rapporteur. Above all, justice said Mayor FN of Hayange ‘ resigned his mandate to advise agency municipal [,.]» from the date on which its judgment will be final. That is, once the Council of State will be delivered. Because the frontiste already said that he would appeal. In the hypothesis where the judgment would be repeated in the second instance – decision could be made in three months-, Fabien Engelmann would be forced to leave his seat as Mayor on the field. And it sit more, even as a simple Advisor, until the end of the mandate, or 2020. The city will however remain in the hands of the FN. Elected representatives will have to vote to elect another Mayor; the inhabitants, they will not return to the polls. In this case, "Engelmann will arrange to get hired as Chief of staff and will continue to pull the strings behind the scenes," predicted Marie Da Silva, his former first Deputy, dismissed after denouncing fraud in the accounts of the candidate’s campaign (1939 euros in disputed expenditures identified by justice, 14% of the total expenditure). "Engelmann will choose among assistants someone that he can manipulate at will. Early on, he composed his list with fragile, low-skilled people. He said: know that in politics, one should always seek manipulated people to be sure to have the majority. "Came to power, he has locked all assistants do not have access to the records, they have been reduced to a role of extras who vote decisions taken by him alone", reported the dissident. And ‘autocrat’, as she called, ‘stalking everyone at City Hall and monitors Facebook, imagining that there are moles in his team’. Gilles Wobedo, president of the Republican vigilance Committee, Hayange most beautiful my city, is him also that assistants are particularly impressionable ". He is angry this morning. Engelmann proclaims all the microphones in its "good faith", "honesty", its "sincerity" so that justice "felt [he] should be viewed as having committed a breach of a particular severity the rules relating to the financing of election campaigns", the statement of the Court. A "breach", not quite a ‘technical error’, as Engelmann hammers. "The FN is behind me" during the hearing yet, fending of fraud, he was going so far as to argue that the financial arrangements set up to conceal the fraud, had been "unbeknownst to her. And, then release published November 4, a damning record. A telephone conversation during which he explains to Marie Da Silva method to work around the electoral code without getting pinch. "It is outrageous. If he had a minimum of honor and respect for his 2000 electors, he would retire at least the time of prosecution", gets carried away the opponent. Wobedo recalls that in addition to this administrative procedure, "Engelmann is prosecuted for four cases criminal: harassment, abuse of confidence, although social and obstruction of Trade Union action.". It didn’t take eight months to have proof that the party claiming to head high and hands clean is dangerous". The decision of the Council of State is expected to fall during the period of the departmental elections. Elections for which Engelmann said candidate. He also assured AFP: "the national Front is behind me, Marine Le Pen also. Indeed, the President considered that the Court had ruled "fierce", reports AFP. Marie Da Silva, who publicly ripped his card of the party two months ago, leaps: "Marine Le Pen endorsement even though it had stated early October that he should resign and make his card in case of rejection of its accounts by the Commission. They were rejected, condemned in the first instance. Engelmann will crash and it with. ». For more insights on this subject visit

VIDEO. United States: a double amputee control arms Bionic by thought.

Experience qualified first world. An American amputated both his arms at the height of his shoulders has regained the use of its members through a medical and technological prowess performed at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital, to the United States. On the same subject he partly finds the view through a Bionic VIDEO look. "My dream: see my grandchildren" VIDEO. United States: after 33 years, he reviews his wife through a Bionic Florian Lopes look, the man with the bionic hand of the results promising and spectacular as shown in the video of this medical feat put online by the laboratory of Physics of the University of Maryland. The Baugh had lost both his arms 40 years ago in a freak electrical accident. Today, it happens to operate two revolutionary prosthesis just with the thought. A new life opens to him. He succeeds in tasks unimaginable until then, as moving individual fingers of his bionic arm, take a cup and especially to coordinate fully its two "limbs". VIDEO.  An American, double amputee, control both by the Penseeavant Bionic arms to be able to achieve this feat, which opens great hopes for many amputees, the Baugh had to undergo an operation of muscle reinnervation targeted at the level of the shoulders. Two prostheses were equipped with sensors able to transcribe the neurological impulses of muscles and nerves to the mechanical arm by sheer force of his thought. Only DX days workout, the results are considered extremely positive. The next step in the scientific and medical program is the return of the Baugh at his home and in his daily environment. "Maybe, for once, I will be able to take a drink alone." Simple things that most people never think", he said. The Johns Hopkins Hospital medical team hopes this new technology will be invaluable for the soldiers and the victims of accidents which have been cut. "I think that we are just beginning to discover the possibilities of bionics in the service of humanity," said program manager Mike McLoughlin. It sounds like the early days of the internet. There is a huge potential ahead. ‘ > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For additional regarding this subject visit info.

ND-des-Landes: for EELV, nothing will happen before 2017.

Ecology-les-Verts Europe ensures that nothing will happen before 2017, with regard to the Notre Dame-des-Landes airport project, in a statement Friday. EELV recalls that procedures are currently underway (,.) No one knows today? today that will give these various remedies respecting the l? water and protected species. In all cases, a call will be subsequently possible, which means that nothing will happen before 2017, writes EELV while the Prime Minister suggested that the construction of this airport could commit to the mid-2015. S environmentalists? question on the meaning and timing such statements that are qu? add unnecessarily l? oil on fire and feed tensions around d? a disputed project, including by the local population, and that France, host of the next conference of l then?UN decisive climate for l? future of l? humanity, should d? be exemplary in environmental matters, adds party. At the last environmental conference November 27, François Holland advocated more participative democracy in matters d? environment and explained qu? a + bad project should be stopped quickly +. These words full of wisdom should now find themselves in the Government acts, considers Julien Bayou, a spokesperson of EELV, in this release. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Original facts may be read visiting this

A study says that the Andalusians are among the most bailones of Spain.

25% of respondents says that he likes to much move esqueletoSEVILLA, 18 (EUROPA PRESS) Andalusia is situated between the regions more bailonas of Spain, according to a study commissioned by the game of dance Just Dance, which says that 25 percent of those interviewed acknowledged that he loves moving. 47 per cent of the Andalusian dances in your own home, 40 percent do so in bars or nightclubs and 66 per cent dances during the celebrations of his city, one of the highest rates in the country. On the other hand, when asked that they appreciate their ability to dance just 15 per cent of the Andalusians believes that it makes it better than the rest, while 26 percent believed to make it worse, one of the lowest percentages of the study. The study also says from the age of 17 people look for excuses to not dance in public and make it more intimate. The reasons for the gradual fall of the time dedicated to dance, as advances our age is justified in lack of time, lack of skills, shame or sloth. According to the psychologist Loretta Cornejo, the Spaniards we like to dance, but with age, we have less time to do so, in addition to increasing the shame and laziness, that is enough to have a moment alone, at home or in the elevator, to break down those barriers and start to dance. According to the average of fans to the dance by autonomous community, Spain would be divided into two zones, Southeast and Northwest. Thus, there are more fans to the dance in all the regions of the Mediterranean coast (to which should be added Extremadura), versus the number recorded in the area Center and Northwest, with the exception of Asturias. Indeed this community is having a greater percentage of people that really like dance. On the contrary, communities with one lower percentage of fans to the dance are Cantabria, where just one of every 10 individuals is confessed lover of this activity. (El) Topics Andalusia Cantabria dance survey schools Spain lifestyle (home and home) / Extremadura Principality of Asturias Seville video games. Additional text can be found visiting

Ecologists requests to ban the use of predator control methods, once after the death of the Kairos Lynx.

TOLEDO, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) Ecologistas en Acción has asked the Ministry of Agriculture of Castilla – La Mancha, and economic and social agents involved in the management of hunting, especially boost that the project ‘Iberlince’, once bans on the use of methods of predator control and will provide adequate means for the surveillance of the hunting grounds. Press release, environmentalists have made this request after the death of Kairos, a Lynx of the three that were reintroduced last month of July, after falling into a loop on a hunting in Torre de Juan Abad (Ciudad Real) ground. Non-casual events, are consequence of a model and a hunting policy weighed down by prejudice against the predators who systematically pursued regardless of the damage that occurs to the protected species and by extension to the ecosystems, have been reported from this organization, that has added to these practices consensual and promoted by the Ministry of agriculture and which are unneccessarily carnivores fauna, not only to the Bobcats. They have denounced many hunting grounds continue to put into practice a form of cruel and massive eliminate what many of them call still vermin and that this is why, in this context, sound like empty voices calling to pursue illegalities while on the one hand there is the media monitoring minimum enforceable and, on the other hand, it is hoped legal means that are so harmful or more than illegal ones. Finally, the Association has congratulated those environmental and agents of the protection service of the nature the Guardia Civil which, with limited means and many doses of voluntarism, are allowing that they come to light and cases be pursued as the Kairos. (El) Issues hunting nature preservation Torre de Juan Abad. Similar info can be read reading

Corruption: the OECD seriously concerned about the situation in Argentina.

OECD has expressed seriously worried Thursday about the commitments of the Argentina to fight corruption of foreign public officials by companies or individuals Argentine, regretting the scant progress since its last report. The Argentina has not implemented the recommendations of the Working Group since 2001, says the Organization for cooperation and economic development (OECD) by publishing the report of its working group on bribery. The recommendations of the OECD are to set up a responsibility of companies in the case of bribery of foreign public officials, to provide a national court to prosecute these crimes and to rectify many defects in its system of offence in this matter. As a result, the report concludes that the Argentina is in non-compliance, serious way, with some key articles of the International Convention against bribery of public officials foreign. The OECD, which had sent a team on site in June, was offended that, during the trip, judges and magistrates in charge of the records of bribery of foreign public officials did not participate in this visit. The Agency already was historically very critical towards the Argentina, third Latin American economy, urging him to strengthen its fight against corruption. He already announced that its working group will conduct a high level in the country beginning 2016 mission, always on the same theme. . Inspirational source may be studied clicking the following

The Russian owner of Chelsea loses EUR 360 million in 48 h.

This will probably not mess up his year-end holidays. But it does probably not fun anyway. Due to the monetary crisis which hit since a few days the Russia, and Roman Abramovich which resulted in a sharp drop of the ruble on the financial markets, has just lost a pretty sum. In 48 hours, between Tuesday and Thursday, the president of Chelsea saw soar the trifling sum of EUR 360 million, announced the magazine Vanity Fair! EUR 180 million per day, 7.5 per hour! Not what however too start the colossal fortunes of Russian businessman, still estimated by Bloomberg at 10.4 billion euros! This week losses should not disrupt the daily lives of the English club, opponent of the Paris SG in last 16 of the League of champions next February. Abramovich is not the only Russian businessman invested in football hit by this crisis of the ruble. Or even touch them. Alisher Usmanov, shareholder of Arsenal, which it owns 24% of the capital, thus seen melt EUR 658 million last two days. A record! Dmitry Rybolovlev, owner of AS Monaco, who had already faced this year in a costly divorce, pulls him not too bad, so to speak, since he lost in turmoil as 122 million euros! Related text can be inspected checking