France approves a law to pursue the solitary wolves.

Like other pa ses European, who study measures to combat State Isl mico in Iraq, France wants to prevent the escape of hot spots called Lone Wolves. To prohibit exit PA s suspects of being involved in terrorist activities, although they have not committed a crime. What is intended is not so much avoid these people radicalicen outside that create a hazard to the return. Par s learn their experience as with Mohamed Merah, the franc than mat seven people in 2012 and that is room to moved at ease by pa ses as Ballmer n or Newsroom training in Jihad. Standard give authorities m s tools to act on these individuals who do not belong to any networks, n have not committed crime and that, precisely for this reason, until now evad an the police siege. This creates the offence of terrorist proprietorship, that allow to judge them but no est n linked to any organization n. This n available allows us to adapt to new forms of terrorism, seg n the Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. . Main data could be found checking the following website.

Holland on the île de Sein: I prefer to have tempered this day there have been dry.

As president, I can not remove the rain. I can’t not the result even if some have imagined this hypothesis, first quipped François Holland before drawing a parabola with its own five-year term. Me, I do not get away, he took. I was told it was going to rain that day there. I wasn’t going to give up because it was raining. [. . . ] There were children, survivors, politicians who were in the rain soaked. They knew that this ceremony was something sacred. And you think that I could go fetch an umbrella? Go ask me to put me at the shelter when so many others were rinsed, soaked? Because this could achieve the image of the president of the Republic?, he asked. I think just the opposite. I think that being president of the Republic, in these circumstances, it was precisely to be under the weather, to be with the French, to be with those who were there. [. . . ] No, when president of the Republic, it is not hidden, it does not protect. And I prefer to have tempered this day there have been dry. . For extra information regarding this subject check site.

AS Roma in the Champions League: Roman Thunder.

Wednesday evening, in the iced Conference Room of the Roman Olympic Stadium, the coach of ZSKA Moskau was downright disturbed. We were so something is not prepared, Slutsky said softly in Russian. He said: on something like this AS Rome. On an Italian team that plays us dizzy, that is still the sixth after the fifth goal, and which is easily three times as fast, and four times as savvy as we. While the interpreter repeated this confession to Italian, the sad Slutsky sighed Very much audible and guts. The Russians in the audience sighed with. A 1:5-defeat at the start of the Champions League, if this continues, should soon be over be with the excursions in the stadiums of Europe. For three years the Roma had to keep track of the Champions League as a spectator, now, we wanted to make sure a good figure, said Morgan de Sanctis, which largely denied his work this evening for goalkeeper statue, because there was so little to do. But because he still enough of the base was growing rapidly, to the only dangerous shot of the Russians played only football Dmitri Efremow also de Sanctis attentively to fend off, made a good figure. . For extra insights regarding this subject check

Anti-terrorism Act: the blocking of sites shocked the defenders of the Net.

Administrative blocking of Internet sites is not in its first round of runway at the Assembly. Prior to be recovered by the current presidential majority, the measure has been brought by the UMP. It was part of the judicial arsenal proposed by the Act on internal security, Loppsi 2. The text, adopted in 2011, proposed administrative blocking of sites offering pornography, without prior approval of a judge. The Socialist deputies were then mobilized against this proposal, denouncing its inefficiency and the risk of an excessive blocking. An amendment had suggested an experiment of one year and the publication of an evaluation report. "If filtering measures were to be implemented, an experimental period should be a precondition," could be read in this amendment exhumed by the site NextInpact and co-signed by Manuel Valls. Three years later, the positions have changed, and the Government of same Manuel Valls now supports billed and nail the administrative block in the fight against terrorism. This about-face that has not escaped the MP UMP Laure of the Raudière, who had campaigned against the blocking at the time of Loppsi 2. "The Socialist Party is lost once again in its contradictions", she said Monday at the Assembly. "We ask the administrative blocking of sites that cause or do apology of terrorism after reporting their existence to the hosts," tempered the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, for whom "there is nothing in what we are proposing does call into question freedom of expression". With the passage of the anti-terrorism bill, the Valls Government increases the divide between the PS and the digital libertarians. The unease was already palpable in December under the Government of Jean-Marc Ayrault, during the consideration of the project of military programming law. It has strengthened the means of monitoring of police and gendarmerie services and authorized the review of computer data without the approval of a judge. The impugned provisions after the revelations of Edward Snowden about American espionage programs. "There was a time where we consider that security services worked honestly [,.]." This relative confidence is broken by opening a general surveillance regime’, wrote Philippe Aigrain and Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net, in a commentary published by Le Monde. A few weeks earlier, a measure of Bill strengthening the fight against the prostitutional system, supported by the Government, had been the subject of a lively debate. The text provided to impose Internet access providers to block websites of procuring, on request of the administrative authority. The Asic, the association of publishers of Internet services, had denounced a measure "counterproductive and dangerous." The device ‘infringes the fundamental rights in terms of freedom of expression and communication’, insisted the national Council of the digital. Faced with the outcry, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, then Minister of women’s rights, had finally spread this device. "It is premature to anticipate the inclusion of a device of this type in a legislative proposal," read one dansun amendment submitted by the Government. The digital libertarians also remember promises around the Hadopi, digital boulet of the Sarkozy mandate. During the presidential campaign, Aurélie Filippetti, future Minister of Culture, was pronounced for a ‘delete’ pure and simple of the high authority to combat piracy. It is a ‘disaster to be out’, she said. Three years later, despite the mission entrusted to Pierre Lescure and ambition to the CSA the graduated response, the Hadopi mechanism still exists. If the sanction of disconnection of Internet connection was removed, hackers still facing a fine of 1,500 euros. July 1 the Hadopi had sent first warnings 3.2 million and transmitted 116 records to prosecutors of the Republic. Organizations that give voice today are those who already tonnaient to defend the digital freedoms under the mandate of Nicolas Sarkozy, and near which the Socialist Party vigorously fought Hadopi and Loppsi 2. During its consideration of the draft anti-terrorism law, several members left nevertheless showed their consistency, first among which is the Socialist Christian Paul, one of the Slingers who did not vote the Manuelle Valls confidence this week. Great against the Hadopi, he called to improve the removal of illegal content on the Web, instead of entrusting the blocking of the Web to an administrative authority. Most of its amendments, tabled with Patrick Bloche and Corinne Erhel, were rejected. . Additional information can be inspected clicking article.

Sale of the Petroplus site: the CGT is going to the Supreme Court.

The CGT of the former refinery Petroplus de Petit-Couronne (Seine-Maritime) announced Thursday to appeal to the Supreme Court from a judgment of the Court of Appeal allowing the sale of the site for an industrial project excluding the refining. We will appeal to the Supreme Court, told the AFP Yvon Sami, spokesman the Petroplus CGT trade union activists who fight for a restart of the refinery whose activity has ceased in 2013, after liquidation of this unit of the Swiss group Petroplus. Eight days ago, the Court of appeal had dismissed the CGT of its appeal against the sale of the site to the Valgo-Bollor̩ group which has an industrial project clean-up and storage of hydrocarbons. But the Court ruled admissible the remedy of the CGT Рa first for a syndicate regarding a decision of a tribunal of commerce, according to Mr. Scornet-, which enabled him to go to the Supreme Court. The CGT disputed the sale of OTC at Valgo-Bollor̩, considering that the site was sold for 3.6 million euros so that a Swiss company, Terrae International, whose supply has not been discussed, proposed many more for a way (tolling) refining activity on behalf of oil companies African from Nigeria, Angola, and Ghana. The Petroplus refinery had 449 employees before its liquidation in October 2012. Its activity had been extended until April 2013. . You can check this to learn extra about this interesting matter.

It asks the European Parliament to a bipartisan joint resolution (which are associated with the pentastellati Carr and Corrao) adopted by a large majority by the Parliament urges the Council to convene a ministerial meeting to establish an emergency plan. MEPs recall that the Commission has committed 147 million was, but of these only 11.9 million are specifically intended for some of the most urgent humanitarian needs. Parliament then tabs on the one hand increase in financial aid, the other wants to check because the entire amount expected to end the spread of Ebola is actually intended to combat the epidemic virus-affected countries enei and not used for other purposes. It also proposes that the 28 flights to determine co-ordinate airlifts in the affected areas to send specialized personnel and equipment able to cope with what the World Health Organization has called the biggest epidemic ever recorded and a public health emergency of international importance. Finally the European governments you ask a scrupulous infection control giving the audience more complete information about the risks and at the same time to coordinate and strengthen medical research and the production of medicines and effective vaccines against Ebola and to accelerate clinical trials for potential treatments already exist. . Additional information can be found reading homepage.

Heritage days: the prison de la santé opens its doors. Follow our guides, a former prisoner and a prison psychiatrist.

This is the first time since 1867 that the walls of the prison de la santé resonate not this noise. And this gives a funny of impression, the admission of the quarantine of supervisors always on-site. As if health was dead. Due to renovation works, the prison closed its doors until 2019. A single area stays open one day parole to hundreds of inmates who work outside the home and go to sleep in prison. Health is a house arrest, it was defendants awaiting trial, prisoners waiting for assignment in a facility or the sentence that remained to be done was less than a year. To the heritage of September 20 and 21 days, health, the only prison in Paris, decided to open its doors to visitors,. and the HuffPost. All seats have been reserved in two hours on the Internet a few weeks earlier, "better than Johnny Hallyday" jokes the woman who runs the prison de la Santé, Agnès Robin. Only a few hundred visitors will therefore push the heavy double blue door of the 42nd Street of health, in the 14th arrondissement of the capital. Difficult at first to find a fair balance between the historical interest of the building and the daily of the inmates and staff who lived within these walls. Health has a soul, says Philippe held within its walls for more than two years between 1996 and 1999. First by various historical characters who have succeeded, then because it hosted more than elsewhere an incredible mixture of nationalities, languages, he remembers. Before you imagine, Ycisarytit, Papon, Tapie or Kerveil to health, the tour begins with the cour d’honneur and a mandatory stop before a manhole. The evacuation by which blood flowed when the guillotine stood in this place, until November 1972. Before us, a world of grills, bars and doors. From that moment, it take a good 20 minutes to review the blue of the sky. The light of the day struggled to forge a path, it must defeat for this thick walls and sometimes opaque, often damaged window glasses. This darkness marked Cyrille Canetti psychiatrist: I am still surprised no longer see bars on the window of my new office, he said, when questioned by the HuffPost. The low health district was built in Star. In the centre, the Rotunda, a tower in which a supervisor to whom nothing is posted must escape around him four aisles. We visit one of these paths, that where, among other things, the cells of newcomers, in better condition than conventional cells. If we visit a prison in renovation, we see not the most damaged and obsolete parts. A neighborhood that Philippe as all other prisoners experienced. He lived one of the most emotional experiences of his stay in prison: I’d just be imprisoned, I was not washed for three days during which I was questioned by the police and by an investigating judge. I was placed in a cell with two other men who are waiting to be transferred to another prison, he says. I’m new, one spotted me right away, as all new in prison. While I landed with my blanket and my business, without a Word, the two men leave the heater. They boil water and make me a cup of coffee. They do ask me no question, they are not there for it. He remembers still moved by the memory. In this area, the inmates were alone or two if they were fragile, while the prison administration determines what area they will be affected. Above our heads, the anti-suicide netting is stretched. On the walls, the planning of the media library and the lists current consumption on sale are the last witnesses of the life of the prison. Locks and long keys that open the cells seem to come from another time, like the great judas by which supervisors keep an eye on inmates. Here, everything goes through the eyes. The worst this is not the look of the maton, says Philippe, it is prison inmates when one is on the toilet for example. Prison is a world of solitude but, inmates are only several. Should support be able to support other: prison exacerbates all the senses, in particular, hearing, sight and smell, says psychiatrist Cyrille Canetti. Upstairs, the perspective from the alleyway is rather aesthetic. An impression that fades when the eye stops on row of cells. See these empty cells much pains me. The prison is a community of men, says Philippe who feared many renovations distorts health. Maintain it I am. But health is a historical place, if you are renovating, symbolically you say to former detainees than the time they spent there, it was nothing, that everything is erased, gets annoyed he. Philippe, author of Cuisine between four walls, if it remains very committed to this building also lived there from bad times. The barren courtyard of promenade for example. During 1 h 30 in morning and afternoon, inmates can stretch their legs in this wide fully concrete courtyard, only a small porch to protect themselves from the Sun and rain. In a corner, sanitation, in the open air. Is this finally a breath? No, above us stretched a net anti-helicopter, generalized after Michel Vaujour escape by helicopter in 1986. On the sides, fences topped with barbed wire sparkle in the Sun. Soccer balls are stranded. Prisoners took advantage of this moment of breathing to speak, everyday, small trafficking, their business. This Court was also an opportunity to receive special package launched by families and friends of the detainees from the street. Playstation, food and phones have thus passed the walls of prison. There still splash nets have been installed. In the Court reigns an iron discipline. Always turn in the same direction and especially not to go in the opposite direction. Otherwise, there is a risk of being spotted by the guards and by ex-detainees, remembers Philippe. Alternatively, cross the Court long and wide. The blue sky will have lasted a time. We enter into the darkest part of the prison, the solitary confinement and the disciplinary quarter. Here the detainees are placed in cells only. "There is no worse than the deprivation of liberty", reflects Rachid, our guide, prison health supervisor, entering of this long corridor. Unlike other neighbourhoods, it is traditionally quieter. Measures of detention were harsher than elsewhere. To exit the cell, an inmate must expect that a supervisor opens the door, and then that a grade opens the grid that still locks him in a few square meters. "Some inmates choose to come make their detention here, for security reasons or because they want to be alone", demonstrates again Rachid. A desire for solitude is understandable by imagining the daily three or four inmates cells. However, the solitary confinement is not the VIP area. The rare furniture of the cell is screwed to the ground, the shelves are an extension of the wall. Even the walk is done solo, the Court is divided into pie charts a few square meters. As far as we can see, it only a horizon of walls and grates. "What lack them most, it’s run", remembers our guide. The inmate during her walk turns again and again. Witnesses of boredom between these walls, graffiti etched beside the small single seat stone. In these pie charts, you do not hear the street noise. Only one but Purring prison boiler present to disturb the silence. Prison health is divided into two large parts, neighborhood low, closest to the street’s health and the high quarter. During the second world war, the low district passed under German control, the top district was administered by the Vichy authorities. A wing of the latter remained famous for hosting the District of individuals often nicknamed the VIP area which has seen from figures such as Bernard Tapie, Jérôme Kerviel, Maurice Papon or Yvan Colonna. This part will not be visible to the public because the staircase that leads there is too narrow to get groups, announces Agnès Robin. In the room of activity of this wing, past issues of the Figaro Magazine, pictures of sports cars are still on a shelf. Far from being a prison five star as one might imagine, inmates who resided there could enjoy a precious luxury compared to conspecifics, closed toilet. The objective of health, reopen in 2019 with 90% of individual cells. In the meantime, Robert Badinter library opened with great pomp in 2010 has been emptied of its works. In one of the rooms of the parlours, children’s toys are still on-site and supervisors remember these children who come to visit their imprisoned parent and need not too frightening. The detainees also, which, little accustomed to the presence of their child sometimes find themselves destitute. The sequence of empty rooms, abandoned offices, corridors without soul finally is staggering. What time is it? Since how long have we entered? When we come out by the street Messier exit, the Sun is always so keen. A little aback by this newfound freedom, we look at another glance, the high walls of the health and the door close behind the smile of our guide, Rachid. . Main source may be found checking this

The ECB launches lifeboat to credit.

The first Tltro will give a framework, which will then be defined by that of December (which, according to many analysts might encounter a larger question), what the ECB will do on Abs and covered bonds to give the desired impulse credit. With these signings, said the Chief Economist of the Eurotower, Peter Praet, in an interview with the Sun 24 Hours of September 11, the ECB will somehow regain the initiative that was so far left the question of liquidity by banks. The markets remain perplexed that the volumes are sufficient. If it still does not suffice, would be one for the ECB is the equivalent of a nuclear weapon, at least as regards its radioactivity into Germany, buying Government bonds, or Qe, which triggered only in the presence of a further deterioration, far from being excluded, inflation expectations and macroeconomic data. Markets, it is expected that the Tltro (there will be other 6 between 2015 and 2016) begin on the backburner. The median value for operators today questioned agency Bloomberg is about 170 billion. Giuseppe Maraffino, of Barclays Capital, estimates that banks ‘ requests will be 114 billion, of which 74, i.e. NET new cash, and 270 in all for the first two operations (including 170 net). "The participation of Italian and Spanish banks-supports-is close to the maximum allowed (75 billion for Italy) and very high even for French banks. But, according to our contacts, German banks, which could require up to 95 billion will make 30% of demand. Already have abundant liquidity, and so companies that could make credit. The same goes for the Dutch ‘. According to others, the French will stay at least until the auction in December. A survey conducted by bank analysts of Goldman Sachs estimates in turn 270 260-billion in the first two rounds, with the banks on the outskirts at 90% of the roof and the heart of the eurozone to 50%. According to economists of Unicredit, the Tltro are a win-win solution for institutes of the suburbs: high demand would pick up available liquidity and expectations of lower demand growth would strengthen the hold of a Qe by the ECB. An analysis of Rbs estimates 100 billion demand to Tltro today and higher in December, when banks will be able to assess, inter alia, the first purchases of Abs and covered bonds. In Italy, there will be a positive side effect: the ceiling of 75 billion, finds a study by Prometeia, «coincides almost perfectly with the stock of bonds maturing this year, and the substitution between the two forms of gathering would give significant support to profit from customers ‘. . For extra insights about this subject click web site.

Schalker exclamation mark: 1:1 for Chelsea.

Coach José Mourinho allowed himself already facing the League match on Sunday at Manchester City the luxury, André Schürrle and Diego Costa, the three scorers from a 4-2-victory in the Premier League against Swansea City, first save. Veteran Didier Drogba stormed for Costa. The Ivory Coast attacker came in the 32nd minute free to the header, which was no problem for Ralf Fährmann fullback but too weak and too vague. The Schalke again came in the first half twice dangerous front of the Chelsea goal. After the change, the Schalke continued so as in the first 45 minutes: brave, fearless and again with actions forward. The commitment was also rewarded. After good preparation by Richard Huntelaar completed cool and clever flat from 16 meters in the lower-right corner. After the lamentable Cup in Dresden and only a point from their first three Premier League matches, the effort was the scarf core clearly noted rehabilitation. . Inspirational facts can be studied visiting the following reference.

Nominations See, black smoke even on the 12th ballot.

It wasn’t just the President of Napolitano and even RepubblicaGiorgio the meeting at Palazzo Chigitra Matteo Renzi premier and the leader of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italy: Parliament still hasn’t found the arrangement for the election to the See of two constitutional courts. No quorum for the election of two lay members of the Csm. nothing done to 12 vote: no candidate has reached the required quorum of 3/5 of the members of the Assembly, of 570 votes.  Luciano Violante won 518 votes, Donato Bruno 511. Will be a 13th vote scheduled tomorrow morning. The Democratic Party will not change its candidates anyway: "we continue to vote Violante," said Deputy leader in the House Roberto Hope. As they said, today’s vote was preceded by a hard reminder of President Napolitano who did however it did not help to unblock the situation. "The succession without conclusive results of the votes of the Parliament in joint session for the election of the members of the CPMP and lay judges of the Constitutional Court intended to happen to the two who have completed the mandate raises serious questions," is how stressed the head of State.  If they continue to "unjustified prevail foreclosures against candidates of other political or sectarian forces claim to consider suitable only candidates of their party", as these days for the vote on the Check and the Msm, "the mechanism and paralyzes the same guarantee institution represented by the qualified quorum system wears out", so again the President. In addition, while Parliament was at work, has met Silvio Berlusconi at Palazzo Chigi, the premier Matteo Renzi. The leader of Italy Strength was accompanied by Gianni Letta and the meeting, which lasted about two hours, was attended by the Deputy Secretary of the Pd Lorenzo Guerini e Denis Verdini. At the end of the meeting was to explain that however Guerini hasn’t spoken to Consult and Csm if not to share the appeal of the head of State. "The groups have already spoken and we go forward with those names," said the Deputy of the Democratic Party and Berlusconi would Renzi method instead spoke of the electoral law and constitutional reforms. . Root source may be read visiting the following