Do not drop the popular cities: the call of the Mayor of Stains to the Government.

The Communist Mayor of Stains did strike Wednesday to protest against the decline in the holdings of l?State, which will, according to him, severely affect the inhabitants of this commune among the most disadvantaged of Seine-Saint-Denis. I alert the Government, and the Prime Minister in particular: not to drop the inhabitants of cities and neighbourhoods +, launched Azzedine Taibi, surrounded by elected officials and residents before the Town Hall of Stains, where only four out of ten households are taxable and where the unemployment rate reached nearly 25%. Exceptionally, the town hall was closed all morning and municipal services were idle. It is necessary that the Government hear this anger and understands that we l̢cherons nothing, said Mayor Girds of a tricolour scarf. According to his calculations, this municipality of 35. 000 inhabitants should lose 3 million euros of endowments of l?State by 2017, on a budget of 51 million euros. A city like Stains is already poor. If we remove him three million euros, so what? We will close the pool and children will not learn to swim? We will close the cultural centre and we will more go to the theatre? has launched Maurice Amrein, inhabitant of 74 years of the town, come to support the Mayor. Less staffing, it is less investment Рparticularly in the sector of BTP, provider of local employment Рand more unemployment, summarized Nicolas Perrot, Deputy Mayor of ̨le-Saint-Denis, a neighbouring commune which suffered a drop of 750. 000 euros, the amount of annual investment. The plucked austerity, a group of inhabitants of the ̨le-Saint-Denis at the origin of several offbeat initiatives in recent weeks in Seine-Saint-Denis to protest lower allocations to local authorities, had also come to support the Mayor. The l 2015 budget?State provides for a reduction of EUR 3.7 billion of its holdings in local communities (11 billion euros by 2017). This decline has caused the ire of local elected representatives, including of Communist mayors and suburb environmentalists, who argue that their cities have specific needs and depend more than other aid of l?State. This cut will plunge many communities into the financial impasse, according to a Senate report released last week. . Inspirational source could be studied visiting the following

Femicide: in Italy every two days killed a woman.

In Italy every two days a woman is killed. Is this one of the most frightening data contained within the Eures report on femicide in our own country, from which can be seen as the phenomenon between 2012 and 2013 has grown considerably, with a + 14%. The data contained in the search report also as two out of three women are killed because he wanted to stop the relationship with your man who then out of jealousy and resentment becomes their killer. In total, women victims of male violence in 2013 were 179, the highest of the past seven years. The 2013 was also the year in which the percentage of women killed is higher than the total of murders: the 35.7%. Especially in 92.4% of cases to kill is a man and two times out of three it’s partner, the spouse, common-law partner, or former boyfriend. As explained in the report, the majority of murder cases occur as a result of the decision of the woman to stop the relationship and are called feminicides of possession. In feminicides are not firearms to be most used tools. It is used mainly to so-called murders with bare hands that are "expression of a higher degree of violence and resentment". One woman in three in 2013 was killed in this way. The man decides to take revenge beating, strangling or choking. Topping this dismal ranking there are the regions of Central Italy, where the phenomenon has undergone an increase of 100% passing from 22 to 44 feminicides, while Rome is the capital of feminicide. Even the southern regions, however, there has been a substantial increase in casualties compared to the previous year, while in the North there has been a decrease of cases. Eures report underlines "the ineffectiveness/inadequacy of the institutional response to the call for help of women victims of violence within the couple". It stresses that in 2013 51.9% of the future victims of murder "had reported/reported to the violence suffered." . For extra information regarding this matter click source.

Rai is an appeal against the Government’s cuts: fights in Cda, Todini resigns.

Rai will appeal against public television cuts imposed by the Government Radio. The Board of Directors of Viale Mazzini this afternoon gave the go-ahead to the agenda presented by Antonio Verro that committed the Council to have recourse against the 150 milioniprevisto cut personal income tax by Decree. The vote however has also sanctioned a rift in the cda Rai with Antonio Pilati and Luisa Todini who have lined up against the measure openly by voting no on the agenda. Immediately after the vote the same Todini announced his immediate resignation. In favour of the other six members of the Board, Boar, De Laurentiis, Rositani, Pinto, Tovagi and Colombo. To enshrine the split in Rai also what Director General Luigi Gubitosi who spoke of "inappropriate use". During the stormy Rai Board abstained instead the President Anna Maria Tarantola, who is also President of the Rai Board of Directors. Regarding the future of the Board after the resignation of Luisa Todini, for now nothing decided, because it is not automatic that you should proceed immediately to replace with the appointment of a new Director by the Board of supervisors Rai. In the past it has happened that when faced with dismissal of advisers will not be processed by the competent bodies of appointing a replacement. . You should read the following to discover more about this amazing matter.

Another suicide of an inmate in prison. It happened in Como: it is an Italian of sixty years behind bars for murder, who hanged himself with a noose made at the bathroom window of his cell in the infirmary. Gives news Donated Capece, Secretary General of the independent Union polizia penitenziaria (Sappe). Yet another an inmate’s suicide demonstrates that the social and human problems remain, beyond the reduction of admissions-comment–this is the third suicide of an inmate in Como in only two months: the other two were occurring in mid and late October. The trade unionist of the Sappe notes that over the past twenty years, women and men of the penitentiary police have foiled several attempted suicide 17mila in Italian prisons and prevent almost 125mila self-inflicted injuries could have disastrous consequences. In recent weeks, on the occasion of a visit to some regional prisons, the Sappe had denounced that Lombard jails every day at least two detainees swallowed nails or razor blades, batteries or procure cuts on the body. And every 72 hours a ristretto of Lombardy try suicide, saved just in time by the timely intervention of the penitentiary police: From 1 January to June 30, 2014 the prisons of Lombardy have counted an inmate’s suicide, 441 self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicides, 54 colluttazioni 192 and 56 injuries. . You must read the following to read more on this great subject.

Man against man: separatist leader calls Poroshenko to a duel.

The separatist leader Igor Plotnizki has called for the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko to resolve the crisis to a "old Slavic duel" man against man. "Everyone must bring ten seconds. Who wins may dictate its conditions the other side", wrote the 50th in a letter published on Wednesday. Should he win, the army should withdraw. "If you can save thousands of other lives with the price of his life, a gentleman must take advantage of this opportunity", said the Chief himself appointed "Luhansker Republic". Also a live broadcast on the television is right, the Beefy separatist on the head of State wrote. "I leave you the choice of the place and the weapons." Who would use it "to incite hatred, to kill people, to destroy the economy and cities", asks the 50th in the letter. It would be better to "put an end to" an honest duel. Before the Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow asked on Wednesday, an agreement of the heavy conflict was possible only in direct talks between the leaders in Kiev with the insurgents. He had rejected negotiations with the participation of the United States and the European Union. . You should visit the following blog to read more about this great subject.

Can Juppe seduce and peck left?.

Is Alain Juppe able to seduce and pecking at a part of the electorate of left? Niet, said to be on the left, where mentioning a phenomenon inflated, while in his camp it puts forward the need to talk to everyone. After the one of the weekly Les Inrocks last week, titled Juppemania, the Mayor of Bordeaux has this Wednesday the favors of trendy male GQ magazine, which awarded him the prize of the politician of the year. Should be addressed to everyone, said one relatives of former Prime Minister, Member of UMP Benoist appeared, recalling that a few weeks ago an interview with Valeurs Actuelles earned Alain Juppe’s questions on his shift. In the interview, les Inrocks, one that is defined as a Gaullist, European and liberal reaffirms that it favours the adoption for gay couples and that it will not affect the Taubira law. What did tell Marion Maréchal – Le Pen (FN) he gave pledges to the PS to 2017. Benoist appeared recognizes the appetite of the media for Alain Juppe, or even a fashion lately, but from a strategic point of view it excludes that there is a fishing organized the centre-left voters. Survey specialist Frédéric Dabi (FIFG) notes that Alain Juppe is one of the few UMP to benefit from the benevolence of the left, with 68 percent of good opinions in EELV and 67% in the PS, in the latest barometer Ifop-Paris Match. There is not of + Juppemania + left and not to the PS, said however, categorical, Senator PS Luc Carvounas, close to a Prime Minister who with eyes towards the right center. He predicts that the Mayor of Bordeaux will be a Comet, a shooting star. -’ The embodiment of the classic right’ – Mr. Carvounas prefer whatever it is look at the former head of the State: our opponent isn’t Juppe but Sarko. On 29 November, our first opponent is Sarko, he told AFP, referring to the date of the election to the Presidency of the UMP where the former head of State is a favorite. For sociologist Philippe Braud, questioned by AFP, the disappointed François Holland are on his left. They will ration rather in forbearance, believes, even if the Mayor of Bordeaux could recover some, assuming, of course, where he would win the 2016 primary that chooses the candidate of the right for 2017. This may seem a bit risky to play the second part before the first, thus decrypts a political advisor of the UMP. That is largely gather before first meet his camp for the first step that is the primary. Not surprisingly, for the left wing of the PS, the question of if he seduces left seems preposterous. Anyway, this is not left people having fun to choose the candidate of bearable right, explained Marie – Noëlle Lienemann. It is not tender with the former Prime Minister. Like Raymond Barre, he was maybe brilliant in the polls, but when it was necessary to vote, he had more person. Simone Veil, idem (?) They are people well seen by everyone, but not necessarily in a situation to mobilize their camp to create a majority, judge. The idea that he could seduce left is a phenomenon widely inflated for Juliette Méadel, one of the spokesmen of the PS. It is probably one part of the left social-liberal (?) it has a side more reassuring than Sarkozy, analysis. But it remains the embodiment of the classic right. As Pierre Laurent, the national Secretary of the PCF, he quip that this weekend on the subject: the + Juppemania +, it is not us,, Additional data can be found visiting hyperlink.

At Gladstone, the Australia bet on liquefied natural gas.

"Never such a project was undertaken in the world. Craig Doyle, Executive Director of Gladstone Ports Corporation does cache not enthusiasm before large investments in the port of Gladstone on the North Coast is the State of Queensland. Three terminal projects of liquefied natural gas (LNG) – at a cost of 25 million Australian dollars (17.5 million euros) each – are about to be completed. 22 000 people have been mobilized on these three sites. By the end of the year 2016, about 25 million tons of LNG from reserves located 400 kilometres west of the sides can be exported via the six port terminals. One of the 3 projects, that of Queensland Curtis operated by British British Gas and the CNOOC Chinese with a capacity of 8.5 million tons of LNG annually, should be able to send its first cargo mi 2015. The second project which brings together Australian Santos, the Malaysian Petronas, the KGC Korean and french Total, which owns 11.7% share, is 80% completed said David Knox, CEO of Santos. "We are also on the way to a first delivery in 2015 and, ultimately, we should provide 11 per cent of the household of the Korea gas needs and 9% of the needs of the Malaysia for the next 20 years". The third project involves Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec. Altogether, these three investment will make Gladstone first LNG port in the world with the objective of capturing much of the Asian market in strong growth. "Asian gas demand is expected to grow to a little more than 3% each year by 2030, or more than double the rate of growth of the rest of the world combined", predicted David Knox. In the face of this boom in Asia where 10 cities the size of the Australian Brisbane are emerging each year, export potential is huge. The potential of production also. Close to 1. 200 billion cubic metres of proven and probable reserves are identified by the Australian Department of natural resources and mines. . Inspirational data can be studied clicking the following

The first literary critic of the Obs, 50 years ago.

19 November 1964, birth of the "Nouvel Observateur", founded by Jean Daniel and Claude Perdriel. To celebrate, we went to reread the first issue. It has not regretted it.   We pass. We pass because there was also, there is always, at the opening of the ‘Letters’ of this number 1 pages, a great article by Bernard Frank on the "De Gaulle" in François Mauriac. The head of State told the 1952 Nobel Prize for literature, it was a beautiful poster. Could Frank paper be at the height of the event? It is. It is a masterpiece of guile, finesse, style. On Mauriac, on de Gaulle, writer and his reports complicated with power.   You know – because nothing learns faster than these things, to the extent that it is said that the literary life is often akin to the Bush and the tam-tam – Mauriac failed. His book is not zero – nothing is more difficult for a writer who had the talent that retract it completely-, it is annoying. Boring and delusional, which might seem contradictory, but it is, alas! of a delirium grey, uniform, a Pomeranian that did would not. One reads, one reads, of course, this book, but because it was expected, because it is Mauriac, and because it is de Gaulle. But when it finished to read, there is nothing learned again on de Gaulle and on almost all the time lost sight of Mauriac. The first is when Mauriac had lunch with de Gaulle on September 1, 1944. What confounded me, this was precisely the drama being lived was barely discussed. Who had believed it? De Gaulle asked me about André Gide!» And as if this exclamation was not sufficient, seventeen lines later, Mauriac recidivism: "I found myself entangled in the net that was strongly Communist, I would have had my say on his tactics,.". «But no: de Gaulle was interested in André Gide!» We have finished now with the secular part d book, we enter the desert of the saints, where everything is pebbles, drought and sand. Not the smallest grain of millet, not the slightest gourd for thirst, but all the cliches, all common places on the great man, his solitude, silenced doubts, his pride-armor, because it is the pride of the France, its hardness is apparent, and just like in this show ‘Work in music’, interspersed with the general drives, alas! the worst, rarely his memoirs, almost always his speeches. It is not that I find amazing admiration of Mauriac for Gaulle, it is the contrary which would have surprised me. A writer, he is a man who likes comedies, the show, that it moves or pretending to move. If you are not a member of a fossil party, if it has not jailed a few days to release, if it is not owned by ideologies to the solid frame, if above all, perhaps, there is not a sense enough decency and aesthetics, how would we not someday or the other a weakness for the general? There is always a side lying woman who sleeps in the writer, and the guili-guili of the general have something irresistible, it seems. See, isn’t funny that Member who sticks in prison more military than anyone in the world would have never dared to do, who bright the Algeria in conditions such as the worst colonialists sighs as willows: ‘ O Mendes, O sweet Mendes, that was tu there! ‘, this new-look had which Prime Minister is the Attorney of a Jewish BankThis bulwark of the Atlantic world which recognizes Beijing and Moscow-thinking? If he surprised the world, entertained many good spirits of the left, how would he not fascinated Mauriac which is neither the world, nor left? What would amuse me rather, is see Mauriac, with de Gaulle, discover with amazement – not, with amazement ravi – what it has always been: a small bourgeois Bordeaux, jealous quite chauvinistic, quite liberal, loving gold and honours (small and large), love, sometimes treacherous, of our writers. How Mauriac does feel uncomfortable inside this consular Republic, led by a man of his age, general and writer, general suspect, writer-general. As it is sweet to know his vines, his novels, his Nobel, the landscapes of his youth, this civilization, everything we love away, almost consolidated, and probably until the end of his days, and without bad conscience. Mauriac, on this point, does not differ from the majority of French who have always loved be distracted while losing sight of their portfolio. Wars, revolutions are no longer in our reach, the coups of three days, the plastic, the great flattering voyages were substitutes. De Gaulle, could say Lenin, Louis-Philippe is more theatre. And Mauriac, sadly, admirativement, knows, who did not have this courage, neither in life nor in his work. It says somewhere: "but the small goat can win; and that the demonstration in was made by Charles de Gaulle that the France was the worst in its history, is the subject of this book. "But no, the subject of his book, it’s a whole literary fascination:"I found a man of the theatre, a conjurer taller than me. "This book that should have been a good Mauriac, to be one of the most bland, it may be that there are more surprising in this story. Undoubtedly attention is not the most convenient to write position. Mauriac would have done well to remember the sage advice of Alain on the attitude of the writer against the power. There’s not a single politician in the world who deserves that a writer breaks his pen for him. It should our role – be therefore remembered? -regardless of the power, it is the relentless challenge, is to be the spirit that denies, which complained the general a day of culture. What! Because we have loaned by cowardice Theatre-France to Gaulle to avoid big fists of the wicked, he thus allowing to play his roles and his favorite plays, we would no longer have the right to whistle it, or simply to judge him? We dream. There is a close enough unintentional comedy vein from the scene of the Tartuffe where Orgon, returning from travel, anxiously asked the maid not on the health of his wife, Elmire, which is very poor, but on a resplendent Tartuffe in the entire book of Mauriac. And Dorine has beautiful take a malicious pleasure in ‘swell’ contrasts: "Madam had a very high fever. It is very pale. It took for everything dinner thin broth, about your Mr Tartuffe, he well could eat, Partridge, stuffed cabbage, and drink, and sleep. It is all bold, all pink. » Orgon, stubborn as a bison chants each optimistic her maid by the famous release "the poor man". However, I believe that the real reason for the literary failure, it is hoped not only found in this friendly earthquake who seized him, faced with its model. Nor too repeat that lovers, when they speak of their love, say that with nonsense. It is perhaps a little easier to pretend that Mauriac was almost always respectful of the established powers and the great of this world, and that some form of respect sits uncomfortably with good literature. It is true, but it is not this the true. . You should read the following to learn more about this interesting subject.

DFB-team finished football year – champion Löw says: so I start into the new year.

Löw: I put the result not always on the first place in a game. But I am insanely pleased to win against Spain in Spain. This is of course a great deal. I am also on the overall performance of the team. She has done well with some of the young players. For them, it was very important in their experience. We all left behind us at the World Cup. The qualification was somewhat slow, but had his reasons. We wanted to bring the feeling here again that we show the will to want to win the game. I was very satisfied with the style of play, with a 0-0 I would have been very happy. Löw: It was of course with the opponent. Such a game has a different appeal than Gibraltar. Here in Spain the team I left, that it is my express wish, that we again join us, again collecting. I wanted to see that we again have the bite and the motivation against such a strong opponent to insist, because that helps us in our development. It is a good template for the next year. It’s also more fun against a technically good opponents to play, who plays forward as against a team which does almost nothing with ten guy at the scoresheet is the players. . You should visit this to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Ken Takakura is dead: the Clint Eastwood Japanese gave the reply to Michael Douglas in Black Rain.

The actress and American television host Joan Rivers, hospitalized since last Thursday in New York, died, announced her family Thursday, September 4. Known for his television show Fashion police on E!, where are discussed and criticized the outfits for celebrities, she also played in Once Upon a Coffee House in 1965, the crazy history of space in 1987 or even Iron Man 3 in 2013, where it interpreted its own role in his television show. Jimi Jamison died Sunday, August 31 as a result of a heart attack, learned of the Los Angeles Times. 63 year-old Jimi Jamison has a solo career and sang in the Cobra group but it is especially Survivor that made him famous. Jimi Jamison joined the formation of Hard FM (from hard rock calibrated for radios) in 1983 while she was at its peak, including through its famous tube Eye of the tiger, commissioned by Sylvester Stallone in person and serves as a theme in the film Rocky III. One of the most emblematic Americans of the spaghetti western actors. Is particularly illustrated in the roles of Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly Sergio Leone and the role of Calvera, the leader of the bandits in the magnificent seven by John Sturges. He died at the age of 98 after more than 60-year career on the big screen. Known in particular for his columns on Canal Plus and I-Tele, journalist Léon Mercadet is died Sunday, June 22, a dirty disease according to the expression of his former colleague, Bruce Toussaint. 64 year-old Yves Gloux (his real name) worked in current, Nova Magazine and more recently in the morning of Canal + between 2004 and 2013. Former Australian driver who died at the age of 88 years belonged to the F1 legend: three times the world champion, great Builder and great mechanic, he had not hesitated to push to hand his car to finish a Grand Prix in 1959 to win the title. It is the only one to have crowned at the wheel of a car designed by his care. He is also the first driver knighted for services to motor racing. 73-year-old MEP conservative and former Christian Democrat Premier of the Belgium succumbed to his injuries after a fall to bike in Morbihan, where he was staying. It is the European people’s Party (EPP) in which it was a member of Parliament who announced. Jean-Luc Dehaene was suffering from cancer of the pancreas, diagnostic at the beginning of the year and that it had significantly weakened. Born in Montpellier in 1940, licensed in law and Economics from the universities of Namur and Louvain, he led the Government of Belgium from 1992 to 1999. Michel Lang, author and Director of popular comedy of the late 1970s and the early 1980 that we small English, is died Thursday evening at Deauville (Calvados) at the age of 74, has announced his family Friday, April 25. To us the small English, released in 1976, was his greatest success with 5.7 million viewers. Tito Vilonava, former FC Barcelona coach, died Friday, April 25, announced the catalan club. 45 years old, he struggled for two years against cancer of the Parotid gland and was hospitalized for emergency Thursday evening. Deputy of Pep Guardiola since 2007 (first with the B team), Tito Vilanova succeeded him in the summer 2012 on the Barca bench. But he had to leave his post in July 2013 due to a deterioration in his State of health. As head coach, he has won a title of champion of Spain and was elected best coach in the Championship in 2013. The Colombian Nobel Prize in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday, April 17 at his home in Mexico City. Aged 87, he was in a very fragile health at his home in Mexico City. Installed in Mexico since 1961, with periods of stay alternated in Cartagena (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain) and Havana, Garcia Marquez lived several years retired from public life and during his rare appearances had no statement to the press. The Colombian was considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of the Spanish language literature. Iconic novelist of magical realism, he described the strangeness of real and historical situations using the wonderful. The work which earned him fame and is regarded as his masterpiece one hundred years of solitude, fantastic family fresco published in 1967 and whose international success was enormous (30 million copies in 35 languages). The writer and editor Régine Deforges died at the age of 78 at the Parisian hospital Cochin from the suites of a heart attack, announced his son Franck Spengler. Régine Deforges was a sulphurous Editor, often facing justice, before knowing the public success with the blue bicycle, adapted to television with Laetitia Casta. This saga of ten novels published by Fayard, begun in 1983 by 101, avenue Henri Martin and completed in 2007 by and when comes the end of the trip, has sold over ten million copies. Actress Shirley Temple, famous for being the first child of Hollywood star, has died at the age of 85, announced Tuesday the American media. His agent, quoted by ABC News and CNN television said she had died of causes natural Monday evening at his home in California, surrounded by his family. She starred in 40 films, most before the age of twelve, including blond curls (Curly Top) or little Princess (The Little princess). Cartoonist Aslan, real name Alain Gourdon, famous for her pin-up published by the magazine, died at the age of 83 of cardiac arrest Tuesday, February 11 in the evening to Canada where he lived for twenty years, announced his agent François Meyniel told AFP. Aslan was also sculptor: in 1968 and 1978, he made busts of Brigitte Bardot and Mireille Mathieu in Marianne for the Association of mayors of France. Ten years later, he signed two Dalida statues for the tomb of the singer and a place that bears his name in Montmartre. The legend of folk, mentor of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, died at the age of 94. He is best known in France for his song If I had year hammer, taken over by Claude François. . Root data may be read checking this