FC Bayern in America: Mia san United States.

The Säben road, which is of course the home address of the Bayern headquarters in Munich. 6500 kilometres away, on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue, opened its U.S. branch – the first of the record masters on Thursday at all of a German Football Association. Most of the 120 invited guests are German, but Gottschalk speaks English. The local VIPs – sponsors, promoters, TV Manager are his target audience: it’s never been a better time for soccer than now. Never, the time was ripe for soccer: the FC Bayern, where he helps here its invasion of America as the US media call it believes that. The Embassy in Manhattan, the home of Bayern LB, is the command center, from whose art leather armchairs from the German master wants to conquer the Earth’s most lucrative sports market and become a global brand. The players are the foot soldiers. Still slightly in the Jet lag, they act despite its sleek suits like children at a party of the parents. Tags before they arrived for their nine-day U.S. tour, New Jersey via New York to Portland at the other end of the continent. It is not the first American tour of FC Bayern. But the most important thing. Not only because of the sports programme. Two friendlies take them here – one in New Jersey against the Mexican Club CD Guadalajara (1-0), one in Portland against the all stars of the North American Soccer League MLS. But it’s about more than a dribble. Rudolf Vidal, who heads the New York Office, talks about 60 million soccer fans in the United States, but only 15 million are interested for Bayern. You must reach finally the other 45 million. On board but: a group of fans. About Brigitte and Michael Dölger from Aschaffenburg: I’ve got to do with football, she says, and laughs, while he is glad to come even close to his favorite Club. Although they were rather enthusiastic Thailand plane, but why not even the United States? A tour of the city has been promised to them, and a neck pillow in Bavaria red including the Audi logo is located in the fan package. Born in Florida, raised in Germany, dual citizenship: Green has apparently statement this week especially to come out his transatlantic nature. I am proud to be able to play with FC Bayern, the country where my father lives, he says so good, he must shortly after arrival at the reporter. Tired he is scratching his role as a starlet of a team for which he was previously a small number and also at the World Cup was less than 15 minutes on the square – with fulminant result at the neck, uncertain. Why FC Bayern pulls green as the only players in front of the cameras – even if he may not be used at the games here. Or, how Tainer Josep Guardiola says it: we are not here to be fun to have. On Thursday night Finally, after the cocktail party in the Lexington Avenue, the first game. Their opponent is the successful Mexican Club Deportivo Guadalajara, Chivas short. The Red Bull arena in New Jersey for New York is almost sold out, romp around 20 000 spectators in the stands. The Bayern fans unrolled a banner, an allusion to the Club motto: MIA san United States!. Root source can be read reading the following article.

Atac, halt of Municipality: stop superbonus for executives.

Remove the small productivity bonuses and overtime to drivers, workers and employees, by placing bonus millionaires for executives. the double morality of Atac translated with a proposal for a decision establishing the allocation of EUR 9 million 145mila of bonuses for executives and managers. A document (available on www. BBC. com), which was to be voted on by the Board yesterday, recorded on July 28, but that at the last minute jumped. A decision reached after the outburst of Guido Ibrahim, who the other night had reiterated the intention of the municipality, no single shareholder, to pass the proposal. They were also unanimous reaction of the majority and the opposition on Capitol Hill, in condemnation of the idea of budgeting (to 4 months effective from the end of the year) awards for executives of a company on the brink of bankruptcy, with 1.7 billion euros in debt accumulated over the past decade and gi 65milioni liabilities in the first six months of 2014 management. The DOCUMENT requesting the super bonus game-explains the document-by Emanuele Rinaldi, Director of management, development and recruitment (formerly responsible for security in the era of Joachim, Then ex-President under investigation along with other six manager for cloned tickets scandal). After obtaining the assent of the head of the Chief of staff, Joseph De Paoli (proposer), the dossier over to legal Affairs to verify legitimacy, signed by Franco Malasa, former purchasing Director arrived in Atac in 2008, that in the face of investigations on some suspicious contracts that had touched the company, had always remained firmly in place. Following the final visa to Danilo Broggi. And sign at the bottom of the "proposal" knuckle Mbo for system managers and paintings ", which shows the figure of 660 euro 145mila 9milioni (yesterday the company announced that the figure does not correspond to the truth, explaining that the allocation would be only theoretical; 4 million), there are the signatures of the Secretary Roberta Pileri and President Roberto Grappelli, securing objectives below those established by the service contract. Atac yesterday explained that incentive productivity tool (Mbo) not a discretionary choice of company, but an obligation under contract. But over the past two years the super bonus was frozen due to the financial storm that was sailing, and currently, the company: in 2012 were made agreements with executives, who had been asked to give up significant shares of the prize, in a manner which healed well issue from the legal point of view; in 2013 the bonuses had not been paid, because many executives do not if were felt to bring the thing in the Board of Directors, with a bankruptcy situation, a change of ongoing Administration and for resigning. In 2014, evidently, after the injection of oxygen with the funds allocated by region and Municipality, the music had changed. . For extended insights on this subject check fact.

2017: a poll gives Marine Le Pen in head.

A Le Pen-Sarkozy duel in 2017? This is what provides the last Ifop survey for the weekly magazine Marianne, unveiled Thursday. It indicates that if the election were held next Sunday, Marine Le Pen would come slightly at the top of the first round, with 26% votes, before Nicolas Sarkozy that would consist of 25%. François Hollande would not have access so not even in the second round, with only 17% of the vote. And Manuel Valls was in the race instead of the current president, he would earn exactly the same score.   This is the first time that the extreme right is given at the top in a poll for the presidential election in 2017. Give wings to Marine Le Pen, who reacted in these terms on Betty: I believe that I can be elected in 2017. In a previous survey, dating from mid-April, the FIFG showed the same duel Sarkozy – the Pen, but giving the former Chief of State in head (31% vs. 24%). And with Arnaud Montebourg as PS candidate? If next Sunday was held the first round of the presidential election in 2017, for which of the following candidates would most likely as you to vote? That was the question asked in the survey. In this case, François Bayrou (MoDem) would reach 12-13%, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left party) would reap 11-12% and 3% would switch to Cécile Duflot EELV and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (standing the Republic), Nathalie Arthaud (Lutte ouvrière) engrangerait 2% of the vote. Finally, Philippe Poutou would capture 1% of the vote. . Additional facts can be found reading http://activinstinct.redtail-intl.com.

What investments without risk to do better that the libretto has?

The pr f r of the French investment comes to take a new shot in the wing. R mun ration of the livret A 1.25% 1% fall this 1 t ao, is its lowest level ever! D reduced inflation, falling m me 0.5%! On the book index, other booklets s regulation non fiscalis s – Libretto by sustainable development and mutual said VC blue booklet – related, too, more than 1%. The libretto of popular savings, r serv to the savers little or not taxable, its pay r is e ramen of 1.75% 1.50%. Then to what products turn? Three placements more r operators mun, safely and fiscalit advantageous m deserve your attention. First, housing (PEL) Savings Plan which continues report 2.50% gross, or 2.11% net apr s pr l social movements of 15.5%. Its rate is fix once and for all the opening and can place up to 61. 200 euros. Note that the end of the promotional period, the pay r p falls. Here 1.40% gross for the first and 1.80% for gross for the two following. In addition, the int r ts are fiscalis s and submitted to the pr social movements l. Choose for opportunistic placement of short-term. Finally, life insurance remains essential for th sauriser your s liquidity without risk and earn more with a libretto has. The funds in euros were displayed in 2013 an average yield of 2.80% gross. Money remains available anytime and the fiscalit which p is on withdrawals dwindles over the ann es, to only 7.5% after eight years of d retention. To the savers so do r server nourishing projects the long-term course. � . For extended facts regarding this subject check http://activinstinct.redtail-intl.com.

Car construction: Audi goes into intermediate consumption.

The fall in iron ore prices is to create the steel group ArcelorMittal. The world market leader lowered the Outlook and expected for the year as a whole only an operating profit (EBITDA) of more than $7 billion to $6.9 billion in the previous year. Previously, the Thyssen Krupp competitor was assumed to be able to increase the EBITDA 2014 on $8 billion. While the mining Division of the iron ore price development was marked, well run business with steel, ArcelorMittal said. The Group continues to expect that the total will rise this year between 3.0 and 3.5 percent. In Europe and the United States, which will receive two-thirds of the steel from ArcelorMittal, get something stronger than initially forecasted demand. However, schwächele them in China something and go back in Brazil as well as in Russia and its neighbouring countries. In the second quarter ArcelorMittal generated an operating profit of $1.76 billion, an increase of 3.5 percent. Analysts had expected more companies however. (rts). You must visit the following web site to read extra on this great topic.

‘S Car2go celebrates 1 million rental.

‘s car2go debuted in Milan in August 2013 with 600 smart fortwo. and in less than a year already has 70. 000 subscribers that have traveled approximately 4.7 million km, with an average of 25. 000 rental per week. Last March, it was the turn of Rome, with a fleet of 500 smart fortwo. In less than five months have registered more than 60. 000 people, which they drove aboard’s car2go to 1.4 million km, with an average of 15. 000 rental per week, growing. The average rental is longer than in Milan.   ‘s car2go redefines the concept of car sharing and responding to new needs of individual urban mobility. Simple and flexible represents a real alternative to move and to live the city in a sustainable manner. The great flexibility that distinguishes makes it the ideal solution for users who need to make frequent short trips or who uses the car occasionally, for work or on weekends. By the student to the Freelancer’s car2go has consensus, from extremely diverse audiences and cross by sex, age and lifestyle. . Root facts may be found checking the following http://activinstinct.redtail-intl.com.

Hedge funds: the advance on Wall Street is not over. But in Europe ,,

In the United States is not yet time to abandon the party that drunk for five years the stock markets. He believes the majority of 29 global hedge fund manager (total 110 billion managed) polled by Gruppo Banca del Ceresio. Increase profits and wealth creation is built through mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, buyback. Although the market is not particularly cheap, the risk of a major correction is contained. And us growth is out of control: inflation linked to wages is not under pressure and the growth of aggregate debt is not crazy. To give gasoline to the market are also large M&A processes (mergers and acquisitions) in place, the highest since the 1980s, historical interest-and not by now-especially the areas of communications, media and healthcare. And Europe? On the prospects of the old continent hedge funds are much more perplexing. The large stock of growth early in the year, especially in Europeriferia, anticipates an economic recovery that now leaves to be desired. In particular in Italy, where he has taken the race to cut estimates on GDP (0.3% to 0.5% according to the IMF, the OECD and 0.6% for the European Commission). Then there is the effect of sanctions upon Ukraine, which will weigh on the countries that have a strong interchange with Moscow, as Germany and Italy. In addition, according to hedge fund manager, currently the balance sheets of European banks are much less cleaned from the suffering of American ones. As for Japan, it depends on what angle you look at the world. «Seen from Wall Street is considered a snail, while for Europeans is an authentic myth "says Mattia Nocera, CEO of Belgrave Capital Management Ltd., the London-based management company of gruppo Banca del Ceresio. "If you look through the lenses of Europe the things that are happening in Japan are very interesting: there are profits, cash flow, diversified companies. Quick care we had last year, but now is more balanced. " In short, the Abenomics may not be fantastic as it used to be, but it remains consistent. . Inspirational data can be read clicking this fact.

Hérault: the A9 has been cut due to a fire of garrigue.

The A9 highway was cut today early evening in both directions in the Hérault, between Sete and Montpellier, due to a fire of garrigue to Gigean, which threat the Guardiole massif, told AFP from firefighters. Yesterday, fire resulted in the Aude the cutoff for more than five hours of this very popular and regularly saturated Highway during the holiday departures serving particularly the Spain.  Around 18:30, some 30 hectares had traveled by this fire that was still not controlled by firefighters, a little worried after the failover of Northwest to the West wind, was reported to the fire and rescue operational centre (Codis).  Some 150 firefighters in the Herault mobilized on this fire, supported by more than 30 gears.  Air assets have also been increased. Three aircraft and helicopter regional and four national Canadair already on-site at the start have been added two Trackers and a Dash to dump retardant on the fire products. The current work of firefighters to control the disaster is to divide fire, by the sides and the head, to take it as in a vise so it spreads more, said the same source. The fire has initially identified a large smoke before calming down a little according to an AFP correspondent. No dwelling was threatened, said the gendarmerie.  The closure of the A9 from 4: 40 P.m. between the outputs of Saint-Jean-de-Védas and Sète resulted in significant congestion – long by 8 km south of Montpellier, and 5 km north of the city. Blocked motorists were allowed to make a u-turn by the median. Wednesday, nearly 300 firefighters of the Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales and Hérault and civil security men had to fight all afternoon with significant air assets, to control a raging fire of garrigue has declared South of Narbonne and which caused the closure of the A9 for 5 hours. . Similar facts can be inspected visiting http://activinstinct.redtail-intl.com.

With World Cup and export beer – German Brewers sell more beer.

Thirsty football fans and the strong export brought a rising beer sales in General German breweries. In the first half of the year 2014, the total 4.4 percent to 47.9 million hectolitres climbed as the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden reported on Thursday. The export attracted significantly more with a 10.7 percent as sales at home, where the duty amount of beer only by 3.3 percent to. The German Brewers Federation sees the industry on a successful course. So Germany beer emissions stand now in Europe ranked before Russia and the United Kingdom. The World Cup have also stimulated demand, said Chief Executive Officer Holger Eichele in Berlin. "Some Breweries had to insert extra shifts to meet all orders." At least some of the breweries in North Rhine-Westphalia is located on a long losing streak, while Bayern deliver their varieties, especially wheat and light with ever increasing success in the rest of Germany and all over the world. The Munich court deer Paulaner and Augustinian increased each their sales after an evaluation of the trade magazine inside drinks in the first half of the year by nearly 10 percent. . For additional information regarding this subject check fact.

Dl competitiveness, Radhakrishnan gives Senator Mucchetti amendments remain.

Much ado about little or nothing on the amendments of Senator Massimo Mucchetti to Dl competitiveness. And, in particular, on measures relating to the Opa threshold double and "facilitated quorum for all statutory changes of listed companies that, as already pointed out by ilfattoquotidiano. it will allow the crippled Italian capitalism to continue to operate in the stock market without investing. And they are among the few survivors at the 24 hours of meetings and discussions on the revision of the rules introduced last week in the Senate, some of which, according to leaked Tuesday, would have angered more than a little Palazzo Chigi because you arrive without the scrutiny of the Executive. Same for new indirect subsidies to publishing in the form of restoration of mandatory documentation of advertising companies. There is at the moment in track 14 amendments suppressive package that the Government unveiled Thursday morning to dl Competitiveness committees environment and productive activities of the room and touching instead mails, simplifications for login, cash limit for foreigners, port authorities, organic farming, waste disposal. At the beginning the Government’s intentions were to prune much more: they talked about more than 20 different cuts desired standards and approved by Senators at first reading. Then, negotiations that come through even on Wednesday night, they dried the Executive intervention. And, note the Public News Agency Policy, it should not be a case, which ultimately are not skipped two standards strongly desired by the rapporteur the Senate measure Pd, just as Mucchetti Opa and multiple voting shares. . You must click the following homepage to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.