Death to the Black Panther ex-militante Jean Mc Nair Caen.

Jean Mc Nair, an ex-militante of the Black Panthers, the radical movement of black struggle for civic in the 1960-70s, sentenced for the hijacking of an aircraft in 1972, is died Friday at Caen, was learned from the Town Hall confirming information from the local press. Jean Mc Nair, age 68, died of a heart attack, it said. July 31, 1972, she had misappropriated in the company of her husband, Melvin, 66 years today, their two children and three other militants of the Black Panthers, an aircraft linking Detroit-Miami. The passengers had all been released for a ransom of one million dollars in Miami and the hijackers had gone to Algeria to join other activists of the Black Panthers. The couple, originally from North Carolina, was arrested in France in 1976. While the United States requested their extradition, they had been sentenced by the Court of Assize of Paris in November 1978, him to 5 years of prison, to 2 years and a half but discount in freedom. Melvin and Jean Mc Nair had settled in Caen in the mid-1980s in the popular neighbourhood of the Grace of God, consisting of pavilions and bars HLM. They were heavily involved with the neighborhood youth, providing courses in tutoring and baseball, which Melvin was a high-level player. American Maia Wechsler had devoted a 52-minute film in the course of these two activists, Melvin and John, the revolt and exile, released in October 2012 on France 3. . You should read this to learn extra about this great matter.

The Ukraine holds its breath before the legislative elections Sunday.

The Ukraine holds its breath before Sunday’s early legislative elections during which the pro-Western are strengthening their power during the crisis in the separatist Eastern pro-Russian. We are finally going to elect a pro-Ukraine Parliament and not pro-Moscow, determined to fight against corruption rather than be gnawed by bribes, and pro-European, said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his last visit to the election campaign, which ended Friday. The elections take place during an extremely difficult period for this former Soviet Republic located at the doors of the European Union. She lost in March the Crimea, attached to the Russia following a referendum unrecognized by Westerners, and it is confronted with a pro-Russian armed insurrection in the mining basin of Donbass. Fighting between the forces of Kiev and the insurgents have made more than 3,700 deaths since mid-April, according to the UN. More than 824,000 people were forced to flee their homes because of the hostilities, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) UN: 430 000 people were displaced inside the country, 387 000 have fled to Russia, and 6 600 have sought asylum in the EU. The peace process launched by Petro Poroshenko did not completely end the fighting between the army and the separatists, who control part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and are preparing to hold their own elections on 2 November. While the Russia is accused by Kiev and Westerners of supplying arms to the rebels in the East and there have deployed regular troops, Russian president Vladimir Poutine deplored Friday the lack of goodwill on the part of the authorities of Kiev to resolve the conflict peacefully. The France, the Germany and the Poland gave Friday their support to the electoral process in Ukraine, at a ministerial meeting near Paris. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frank – Walter Steinmeier, asked that there be no disturbance in constituencies and polling stations. His french counterpart, Laurent Fabius, wished that the Ukraine has both very good relations with the European Union and very good relations with the Russia. With the arrival of the cold season, the new Parliament will also resolve the gas dispute with Moscow, which deprives the Ukraine for Russian gas since June and could disrupt European supplies emergency. The negotiations should resume next week and Kiev has already asked Westerners an extension of $ 2 billion to buy Russian gas. . Related info can be read visiting fact.

Protests against the Kings in the streets of Oviedo.

Course, be in a rep blica paid the perquisites to the President and his family would go free. The self-imposed to as institution n, if it brings something, it is consolidated, and Felipe and Letizia were les est charging what they have done to others who, incidentally, still popcorn, as half breed pol tica corrupt. And put the Queen a ca that thin no, I do not know c mo not has evaporated now. Whatever you do, whether it is q, and although ma ana did or yesterday had made it another European Queen, it always is false, a display of something and there that stop you. Maybe I don’t see I that the dem s Queens have a cache that it will not reach, are all plebeian and with a previous career. M s vale falling into grace, est clear, and that the self-imposed m to no I love, but is q This is attack by attack. And as you can see your authority the grousers,. If two arguments are ordered them already is locked them language. . For more facts regarding this matter visit

Cameron to EU contribution: we are not suddenly get out of our checkbook.

Brussels/London / Berlin – David Cameron was really angry: that is no acceptable way to behave, he said, and knocked it out loud on the speaker’s podium. The reason for the anger of the British Prime Minister: The Commission requests a payment more than 2.1 billion euros – within five weeks but rejects the British Prime Minister: it is completely unacceptable that creates an invoice for a large sum with so little time to pay, Cameron said after the EU Summit in Brussels on Friday. He feels a real anger and will form an Alliance against this form of policy in the EU, said Cameron and made direct representations to the other 27 States of the Union: I walked around the table and have seen the colleagues in the eye and said: we have paid a billion for the fight against of the Ebola crisis, we put the money on the table, we have sent doctors, we have set forces in motion. Actually what do you contribute? Companies would have been more money like IKEA than some countries in the European Union. Cameron met Rutte the times according to the night to Friday in Brussels with his Dutch counterpart, mark. The Netherlands are obliged to pay another 642 million to Brussels after a report in the financial times. Rutte said of an unpleasant surprise. Receive money back to France and Austria also Germany: Berlin can count on a refund of almost 780 million euros. . Main data may be read clicking the following

Bus crashes into Nepal, vacuum: 15 dead. Among the injured, and Marta, two Italian girls.

Still a tragedy on the roads of Nepal. A bus overloaded with passengers was travelling from Kathmandu in Rasuwa district crashed into a slope to Belkot in Nuwakot district of Central, with a flight of 200 metres and a budget of at least 15 people dead and dozens injured. Among the latter there are two Italian girls, la romana Chiara Mastrofini and veneta Martha Laine, who are admitted to the capital’s two hospitals with injuries not considered serious by the health workers. Especially Clear has bruises all over the body and a head injury, while Marta has a fracture to his arm. As soon as they learned the details of the incident, the diplomatic authorities in New Delhi and Consulate in Kolkata (old Calcutta) responsible for Nepal, we are enabled to verify the State of health of the two Italian girls. From a budget still not final of the dead, to met women, shows that at least three are foreigners: two Israeli girls and one Spanish. Among the wounded, in addition to Italy, several Israelis, a Frenchman and a Spaniard, admitted to four different hospitals. Clare, the daughter of journalist Henry Mastrofini, departed from Italy on 5 July with Marta to spend five months in a project of the European voluntary service (EVS) in Milan to support the orphaned children of Kathmandu. It is, according to the work plan of the same EVS, the Moonlight Children’s Home that provides a home for abandoned children in the nepalese capital, in order to ensure their proper development and a normal life. At the time of the accident and Marta were going in Central Nepal for the last five days of Tihar, hindu Festival in which we celebrate the triumph of lights, and followed by thousands of people from all over the country and abroad. Immediately after the scary flight in the morning the bus in cliff, Marta had managed to contact her father Stefano, while in the evening he spoke with a Clear head of EVS that he reported his condition to his father. With regard to the causes of the accident, the District Commissioner of nepalese police, Niraula said Koshhari that are to be attributed to the poor state of the road that leads from Kathmandu in Rasuwa. In early October, another disaster involving a bus in western Nepal, at least 30 people have lost their lives in a rural area of Doti district. . You should check this homepage to discover more about this interesting topic.

Dancing with the stars — a receptacle of the dead fame and old glories.

Dancing with the stars is a very weird TV show. Milly Carlucci leads to Milly Carlucci, with the usual style a little dusty and a filino too conservative. But since the Carlucci is that on tv describes itself as "a great professional", the homework he plays well, as by script.  To complete the picture, add the reassuring scene from Ballroom to a hundred years ago or ballroom of the Titanic, and you’re done. A perfect product for families on Saturday night, between a jive and paso doble, a sauce and a waltz, asking only to be spend on the couch hard forgetting the week. On the other hand, however, one of the most traditional tv programs is also the receptacle of human cases, characters created ad hoc, deaths of Fame and old glories that attempt to relaunch. The cast of competitors-dancers of this edition looks like a Star Wars bar. And if for a moment put aside the Gospel of political correctness, we could shell between amused and perturbed the Rosary of competitors. The character this year is definitely Giusy Versace. Calabrese, beautiful and sweet, a 28-year-old in 2005, loses both legs in a terrible automobile accident. From there the slow rebirth. Courageous, exemplary, a nice story, its, and there’s no doubt about it. Paralympic sport, an autobiography and now even dancing on tv. Well, brava, bis, forbid. However, because there is a though, his story seems to be used too often, to Dancing, to titillate the animisensibili of viewers, continuing to emphasize his situation (often against his will). And then what happened two episodes ago, with implants that fly off live while the Versace twirls into the arms of partner Raimondo Todaro, behold the beautiful story of a brave ransom could become embarrassing, although touching farce flashed to use cameras. But Giusy Versace is just the tip of the iceberg of a diverse and somewhat bizarre cast. Until last Saturday, for example, Giorgio Albertazzi participated, the old master of Italian theater. What do you mean with Albertazzi? Nothing, for heaven’s sake, because every word and every movement you feel like embracing it and demand that he apologize for the absolute lack of talent of the rest of the world, you understand. However, here’s another 91 years though, you can dance with the soul and the mind, but with legs there is little to do. And then Lo and behold the great actor only a few and uncertain movements, peppering the performance of rants and virtuosity by star stentoree of the stage. The result? 10 rich Palette that is lifted up by the jury, adoration in the presence of the Great old one. Ivan Fermana alone had the courage to say no, that’s not dancing. And that, basically, they’re just for that: to dance. As it happens, one week after the abusive criticism towards the divine Albertazzi, the master decides to retire, because of work commitments irreconcilable. Better for him, which frankly deserves other stages; best for the program, which loses a big name but gains in reliability of the format. He left even Teo Teocoli ("for health reasons") and this is news that surprise us even less. The comic is long off the laps counting on television. The latest cathodic adventures were disastrous and evidently needed to fit within. Pointed to a successful format in an attempt to revitalize them trough the laundering. The mission failed, and we expected. Teo is too "divo" to accept to be one among many, and any criticism of the jury indispettiva ferocissima not a little. To satisfy the homemakers and soap opera lovers, then, here are landed from California nientepopodimenoché Katherine Kelly Lang. "Who?", you say. Beautiful Brooke, for instance, national-popular paradigm of the man-eater, who is not even a human being go male Forrester family. Though, and we’re in three, the Lang is incredibly disappointing those who perhaps had confused the fictional soap with the actress. Other than Manny and femme fatale! The Lang has the grace of a wooden log, does not speak Italian, have the sex appeal of Malgioglio and engage the va as it goes to Gai attend a Gay Pride. This is the collection of a program that still works, although it is now arrived in the Tenth Edition, but it is frankly too old even for audiences of RaiUno. And the author’s text gimmicks to keep high attention, then, are too evidently decked out for the occasion. There’s more, so nobody falls like last year we weren’t in the game fall of Anna Oxa against everyone. A little more respect for the Viewer, even for the variety, would be very welcome thing. But as long as they manage to prevail at the Auditel (or at least to keep head) against the steamroller Maria De Filippi, maybe they are right. . Inspirational data can be studied visiting this link.

Winter time: abolish DST? Vote!.

Hamburg – next Sunday, it is again: daylight saving time ends in the night, the clock is reset in all EU countries by 3 o’clock to 2 o’clock – that means an hour more sleep. Then, it is early in the morning bright and dark in the evening earlier. As 2013 was the switch to standard time, the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine pointed out that the modified time more traffic accidents resulted in around eight percent. Rose also the hospital admissions with a suspected heart attack. The problem is that people not quickly adapt to the different light-dark cycle. But although some politicians engage like for example Bavaria’s Economics Minister Ilse Aigner for an end of the watch umstellens – an at the end of the half-yearly ritual is not in sight. For the Federal Government, abolish is currently not an issue, said her spokesman Steffen Seibert on Wednesday in Berlin. It is also not apparent who seriously run this at European level. For an end to the transition, it would take an agreement of all 28 EU States, which stand at the moment not in sight. . For extra facts regarding this topic click article.

BGH decision: Deadly lie.

Rarely has a case until the German courts. Rarely, the rule of law took so many years to really talk right. And rarely, the Federal Supreme Court had to deal to with the same case three times: a rape, or a fake rape, as you well know. At the end of a man’s life was destroyed. The woman, who had falsely accused him, is still on the loose. Despite a judgment against them. Until the last minute, she fought against her conviction. The teacher Heidi k. worked in the summer of 2001, a comprehensive school in the South Hessian Reichelsheim. In August accused them of their colleague Horst Arnold, he raped her in the big break in an unlocked classroom and threatened. The man was immediately arrested, he denied the fact, however, was based on the testimony by Heidi k. sentenced, even though there was no other evidence – to five years in prison. He had to serve the penalty until the last day. Because he did not recognize his guilt, he was also no detention facilities. The German Federal Supreme Court at that time rejected his appeal against the verdict. The man lost his job as a teacher, his house, after his release, he lived by the support of his mother. He didn’t have the prospect of reinstatement in the teaching profession. In a spectacular, three-year-old retrial, his lawyer Hartmut Lierow from Berlin reached an acquittal on July 5, 2011. It turned out that Heidi k. told always invented stories for years. A rape, as she had indicated it could have not taken place already in anatomically. Arnold was acquitted by the Landgericht Kassel due to proven innocence. His colleague but appealed against the acquittal. Once again, Arnold seven months had to wait for his full rehabilitation. Already at that time the Federal Court dismissed the revision by Heidi K.  back. But, the now 51-year-old colleague had wrongly accused him, was still in the service. She was sentenced only on September 13, 2013 by the Landgericht Darmstadt – to five years and six months in prison, for severe deprivation of liberty in indirect offenders. This means: you had your lie the State first brought to imprison Arnold. In jail she didn’t need to so but still, the Court had issued no arrest warrant. Heidi K remained on the loose and went into revision. It was official released, referred by their official duties but until today continue their civil servants salary, last only in height by 50 percent. . For more facts on this matter visit

The beautiful story of the day: separated from her twin at birth, she discovered his existence through a film.

It was two years ago: Anais, 25, who lives in London, viewed on Youtube a video that advised him to watch a friend. On screen, a young actress is her spitting image. An uncanny resemblance that she will see again two months later in the trailer of the film 21 & Over, in which plays the young woman. Initially Anais, born in South Korea before being adopted and raised in France, think of someone who might be his family, as a cousin, tells the New York Post. But a quick search on the young actress will confirm the unthinkable. It is of her twin sister, which she ignores the existence. This time, it is the young American who was a shock. Medusee, it will need two or three days to meet his sister. When they finally see themselves when communicating via Skype, the two young women realize their similarities. Despite the distance and separation, Anaïs and Samantha have similar tastes, like and dislike the same things. . For more data on this topic read

Shootout in Ottawa: the man is the human Wolf.

In Canada’s neighbouring country United States virtually all the top security people in Washington have warned in recent months by the Justice Minister over the FBI Director up to the heads of various intelligence services against the growing danger of attacks of such loner. Let them by the authorities difficult prevented, because they must coordinate their plans – in contrast to larger attacks with multiple stakeholders – not with others. So there is no telephone calls, you listen to, any emails that might catch you. And the risk is growing because more and more young people in America and Europe by the jihadi ideology get infected. The most experience with lone-wolf attacks have Americans, and that long before the Islamists were a problem. In the nineties, there were whole stop series that turned out as the work of crazed, murderous envisage: the bombing of Oklahoma in April 1995, in which 168 people died. the attack on the Olympic Games one year later in Atlanta with two dead; the letter bombings of the so-called Una bomber which killed three people to the victims (he was an anarchist left only under the former lone wolves). So much brought the loner exclusively with the right terrorist in connection, 1998 an FBI action against one of the leading US suprematist wouldn’t ran that operation Lone Wolf under the code name. The United States always far more common scene of such attacks have been compared with other Western industrialized countries. Especially the maverick attacks with Islamic background have increased rapidly after the attacks of 9 / 11 and the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and in the Iraq. Already the infamous sniper of Washington, John Allen Muhammad, who killed 10 people in October 2002, badly treated, but obviously also as fighters of the nation of Islam is felt not only by his wife and the rest of the world. 2009 killed Nidal Hasan, a major in the U.S. Army, 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas, in protest against the wars in Afghanistan and in the Iraq. The bomb attack on the Boston Marathon by 2013, in which three people died, was the work of Islamist Maverick, two immigrant children from Chechnya (the trial of the surviving brothers, the 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to begin on January 5). A large part of the lone wolves, so experts at the US Naval College was researched, recommended before acting in a life crisis, after the attack of Fort Hood had lost marriage problems, the job, were in money trouble. not a few were treated at least temporarily psychiatric; She suffered from depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. The half was a criminal record. No matter which background – all lone wolves rely in support of his action on the ideology of extremist grouping. To which they have no personal contact, but plan their attacks on their own. According to most experts on terror, the attacks of such, in so many ways of just unpredictable perpetrators in the United States today represent a greater security risk as long planned, large-scale attacks such as 9/11. But in fact the U.S. security agencies have can prevent in recent years increasingly planned terrorist acts of Einzeltätern. In the nineties only a quarter of the attacks was averted, because they were known in good time the authorities. Between 2000 and 2010, there were already two-thirds. Since 2010, the rate in the United States is even better: only eleven percent of the bombers were able – to implement their plans as in Boston -. All other previously flown on – as 2009 the bombings on the New York subway or a year later a stop are the times square. However, worry the lone wolves the Government especially in recent times huge. An American from Florida, who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Syria in the air this may, was previously a video message to his countrymen recorded: it imagines you in security, but we will get you. You mark my words. Such threats will not remain without effect. All we we deal every day, the fear that one walks us through the cloth, the head of the Intelligence Committee in the House of representatives, Mike Rogers said in the summer. Either it will hit Europe first or the United States. Well, it was Canada. . Related data can be read reading